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disconnects and lag with Rogers Docsis 3 modem

I'm Here A Lot

I just upgraded from Express to Extreme and picked up the Docsis 3 modem from Rogers. I called Rogers tech and they have turn off the router/gateway function on the modem and I now have it plugged to my TL-WR1043ND wireless router


I do a lot of online gaming with my PS3 and I'm getting disconnects and lag with new Docsis 3 modem from Rogers.

I've tried everything and it is consistent getting me dropped from games. When I was on the express with my the standalone modem and my TL-WR1043ND router I had no problems even when my family was downloading or streaming. 

I have my PS3 in DMZ and tried opening ports and the issues still resides.


I really need help with this. I really don't want to downgrade to express again because of the bandwidth limit. I might have to look for another service provider that has a higher bandwidth limit if this doesn't work out.



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Re: disconnects and lag with Rogers Docsis 3 modem

I've Been Around
You dont need a docsis 3 modem for extreme, only extreme plus and faster need a docsis 3 modem. Is this happening only with your ps3 or all wireless devices on your network? Have you tried resetting your router to make sure it is receiving a different ip address than what you had on express, resetting your router will release the ip and renew

Re: disconnects and lag with Rogers Docsis 3 modem

I'm Here A Lot

Did you purchase this modem?

Re: disconnects and lag with Rogers Docsis 3 modem

I've resetted my modem many times and no I did not purchase their SMC modems.

Re: disconnects and lag with Rogers Docsis 3 modem

I Plan to Stick Around

I had similar heated argument with the Rogers Rep when I did the upgrade from Express to Extreme.    I referred  the Rep to the Rogers website, and it clearly indicated that the $3.00 modem is under the Extreme package.   However, the Rep insisted the DOCSIS 3 is the only supported modem/gateway for Extreme (or above)  based on her info.  And I said it does not make sense that the public site has been showing the old info for many months.   And the end, she just asked if I want the Extreme or not!. If the answer is yes, the I have to get a DOCSIS 3 which costs $7.00 per month rental.    Anyhow, I too have the same problem with PS3 when playing on-line games with Extreme.

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