contract with my own device

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contract with my own device

So about a year ago, I signed a 3-year contract with Rogers (before, I was with Telus). I picked out a phone I liked but after a few days, I returned it and got a refund. I then used a phone that I already owned, since the representative said that I could get an upgrade at any time since I was using my own device. However, I went into the Rogers store the other day and they told me that the contract states that I cannot upgrade for another two years. I also had no idea that there was a no-contract deal where you can just use your own device with a lower monthly fee?! Is there any way I can get around this and not have to wait 2 more years for an upgrade?


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Re: contract with my own device

If you returned the device to the store and they accepted it as a valid return (i.e. within the buyers remorse period) then the contract should have automatically been cancelled.

Additionally, even if you were still on a three year contract, the cost to upgrade would only be the balance owing on the phone + $15 Connection fee. So, seeing as you no longer have a device being subsidized by Rogers, because they accepted it as a return, you would only have to pay the $15 early upgrade fee.

If someone at the store is telling you otherwise, call Rogers.

P.S. I should also mention that the cost for breaking a contract when you have no device subsidy, regardless of contract length, is $12.50 for service deactivation.