contract to prepaid, number transfer

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contract to prepaid, number transfer

Hi, a friend of mine is on some sort of iphone contract with Rogers, and we would like his number transferred to me. however, I don't want to sign a contract for various reasons (one being that I don't have a credit card), and I'm wondering if the NUMBER could be transferred to me in a prepaid manner? also, could both the number AND the iphone be transferred to me prepaid style? We have no problem paying the cancellation fee of my friend's contract; and at this point, i'm not entirely sure whether i want the iphone in addition to the number, or just the number itself. 


I don't want online banking or anything like that. I want to pay for my phone usage by buying vouchers at a store. and in case it matters, the iphone is unlocked and not from rogers. 




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Re: contract to prepaid, number transfer

to port the number from his account to yours, they must both be in the same name, so you can not port a number of john smith to jason williams. it will be rejected, also the address must match exactly, secondly, the phone is not tied to any plan or account, you can use it on anyones plan just by putting in whoevers sim card into it. so dont worry about that. thirdly, you dont need a credit card to sign a contact. tell ur friend to pay the ecf but not terminate the account so it will be monthly, no term, then do a transfer of responsibility to you, then do a prepaid migration for another $50 bucks and wala.