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clicking sound from hdmi

I Plan to Stick Around

I have the 4642hd box and a lg 42lh30 the setup is hd box hdmi to tv. tv optical audio out to speakers all I get is a fast clicking sound from the speakers I do get audio on the tv just not on the digital speakers. byw this tv only has optical out and the optical out from the hd box directly to the speakers work but thats not an option since I have other hdmi devices pluged into the tv. only the hd box has an issue




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Re: clicking sound from hdmi

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Guessing its a slightly oder surround sound speaker system that only has the optical audio, and no HDMI on itself?  That would normaly be the better way to go, but not an option on older speaker systems.  The surround sound, only has the one optical in?

I havent seen this particular one yet myself.. but i will do some digging and see if i can find anything.

Re: clicking sound from hdmi

I Plan to Stick Around

its not a surround sound system. they are just a pair of speakers that have analog and digital input. . the speakers are not a problem since they work fine when using either input straight from the hd box. they work fine when using the optical from the tv to the speakers when using any other hdmi device to the tv.


the problem is this

hd box  hdmi to tv - tv optical audio out to speakers.  speakers in tv play sound fine.. digital speakers have a clicking sound.


when I connect the hd box using the composit and use the rca audio to the tv. the sound to the digital speakers are fine


my guess is its some sore of copy protection audio process similar to what the old boxes used to do to vcrs. I have had 2 computers and a media box all working through the hdmi. only the hd box has problems



Re: clicking sound from hdmi

You might be right.

SOME hdmi devices, have HDCP, which sometimes can play havoc with some things... like you said, its to prevent copying stuff.


I know with some of the cheap HDMI switches, if they are not HDCP compatable, certian devices which are HDCP, will not pass through them. 


I am THINKING this is the case likely with yours, i guess.. that the TV is picking up the HDCP signal, and then not passing it through.


I dont think, there is a FIX for what you are trying to do (unless per say, its just the HDMI cable, could try swaping it with one of the others).
Other solutions?

The 4642 will output HDMI audio as well as analog (L/R rca) audio at the same time (or at least mine does).  Could always run just those to the speakers analog in.  May not get quite the same RANGE of sound out of it then.

Or use your 2nd config where it was working there.. you say composite? you were just using the single RCA for video?  As long as your tv has it free, could run it via component (the 3 rca connections).  component will give you 1080i, which is technicaly the max the 4642 can output, it doesnt do 1080p even over HDMI, so would be technicaly the same quality.


Wish i had a better answer for you.

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