cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

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I Plan to Stick Around
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cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

hi world. posting from the Oxford and wonderland area in London Ontario on my Rogers Samsung galaxy s3, since my internet at home is down. apologies in advance for any typos.

last weekend during Sunday after noon I lost internet connectivity at About 430pm. I came out into the living room and found my dpc3825 was stuck in a reboot loop. power led was constant and green and the other three would blink green as the device boots up. once it gets to the 'online led' it blinks green a few times and then all the leds except power will go amber and it restarts and the boot process begins again.

I called in ans got tech support but all they asKed was if it was connecTed to power. I said the power seemed fine and then the agent said he'd have to send a tech out.

I left the modem unplugged and went out for a few hours and then reconnected the power when I got home. the modem booted successfully and my connecTion came back.

internet was rock solid for the remainder of the week and then today on sunday again it failed at about 430 and went back into the looping reboot black hole.

I called tech support again and the agent suggested I swap the modem at a Rogers store but unfortunately they all close at 5 on Sunday. we made anothrr appointment for a tech to come out but unfortunately it won't be until Wednesday because of the holiday.

wondering if anyone has seen this reboot loop behavior before ?

I will try to keep an eye on it. really hoping it comes back as I work from home and require access. bit of a geek so I want my Netflix and games back too 🙂



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Re: cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

Usualy it would be bad hardware.. or signal.

Could be after X amount of hours, it fails again, etc.. leading it to hardware.

If its signal.. USUALLY you would see it more than a week apart.  UNLESS its a feed issue.. but you would think when calling in they would hopefully know of any outages in the area.



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Re: cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

@Syphacleeze wrote:

I left the modem unplugged and went out for a few hours and then reconnected the power when I got home. the modem booted successfully and my connecTion came back........internet was rock solid for the remainder of the week .......wondering if anyone has seen this reboot loop behavior before ?

Your Cisco modem is working fine. The 'reboot loop', as you described it, is a common occurrence with Cisco modems when Rogers is fiddling with the network.


When you see the modem go into a 'loop' just unplug it and let it sit for 30 seconds or so then plug it back in. If the network is stable your modem will go online. If not, unplug it again and wait for Rogers to stabilize their end of the internet connection. Just repeat the process every hour or so till you're back online.


Trust me, there's nothing wrong with your Cisco modem. Mine does the same thing. Had it for almost 2 years. Rock solid reliable.


Yea I know, this post is total "Hogwash"
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

I think I agree with your assessment... when the modem is able to successfully negotiate a connection it seems rock solid. if it were a hardware problem with the modem I'd expect it to be giving me more trouble than this.

wondering if Rogers has been doing something funky on the past few Sundays that the teir 1 support people aren't privy to.

another possibility is that the infrastructure in my Area is getting overloaded or something. I have some networking knowledge but am by no means an expert. that said, there have been a ton of new tenants moving into my building lately so I wonder if a lot of new endpoints have come online and Rogers doesn't have the capacity or connections to serve them all ??
I've Been Around
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Re: cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

i have this issue aswell, been doing it for a very long time and im paying big money for this internet and it does it whenever the it feels like and its very very very annoying especially when i rely on it so much for income.  Im paying an absurd amount because its the best upload speed i can get in my area and its not much at that, only a whopping 2mbs (wow?)  its been doing it for a long while now and during my prime times its only done it maybe once or twice with a quick 30second hard reboot its back to working.  sometimes when i do that it keeps doing it however but eventually fixes itself.  Honestly as soon as other providers come around in my area that can offer what i need im done with rogers.  Just got a "Reached 75% of bandwidth used" about an hour ago and its only Sept 11th and its says ive used it in the last 48hrs and i dont do heavy internet traffic work.  Its just web design so i honestly dont get it. 


For the price im paying these issues and the customer support is garbage.  And since i rely heavily on upload speeds as soon as something better comes around im done with rogers.  I see other ISP's offering ALOT more upload with more then enough download for way less then what im paying now


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: cisco dpc3825 endless reboot loop

I've had this modem for a few years had to replace it previously because the connection was horrible it would randomly drop. After I replaced it was working fine except for a the random dns errors which i sort of fixed by assigning a dns by google. 


Around a month ago my modem randomly stopped working and kept rebooting itself. All the lights would go off except power then slowly come on 1 by 1 but as the online light became solid all the lights went out again except power. I checked to make sure the power connector was good and it is. I called Rogers and they told me it's probably faulty and to replace it. I had unplugged it before but it didn't help. Before I decided to head out I wanted to try a factory reset and reboot. It worked now the modem worked fine until today.


The same issue just happened where it kept rebooting itself. I unplugged for 30seconds replugged now it works. I didn't bother factory reseting. The only settings i've change were adding passwords for the router and wireless aswell as port forwarding 2 ports.

Should I bother exchanging this for the same model or is there are rogers modem/router that is more reliable? Or is there anything I can do to fix this issue?