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Re: changing payment method

Hello mike017

I do agree on them needed to train more reps on issues like this and have a option online to take it off. It seems like a hassle

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Re: changing payment method

Why is it when my bill is printed on the 20th of the month and the bill due date is the 16th of the following month does Rogers take pre-authorized credit card payments on the 3rd of each month?


Every other company I deal with that I have pre-authorized payments with, they take the payment on the date the bill is due. Why does Rogers take the payments early?


Anyone else have this issue? What's the reasoning behind this? Why wouldn't the bill indicate this? Think if I was on budget and coming out my chequing account - it would be a shock if it was taken early (thankfully its on my credit card)


*Think of all the additional interest Rogers makes by taking payments two weeks early....


Thanks again to all the help on this forum by other Rogers Customers since Rogers does not support their own forums yet will provide support on other platforms like would think they would put a priority on their website....


- Shawguy


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Re: changing payment method

Hi shawguy,


Pre-authorized credit card and chequing debits normally happen 13 days before the due date to allow time for processing and retrys if the payment is rejected.


Also these forums are meant for peer-to-peer support. Our team is here to moderate and of course help contribute when questions like yours are left unanswered 🙂


Hope this helps!






Updated 2015


We have updated with the steps on how to update your Method of payment on please click here for more information

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Re: changing payment method

@Calgeo wrote:

Can anyone help us at all?.... We want to remove pre authorised cheq as our payment method and change paying manually but the only option we are being given is to use a credit card!!......... All I would like to do is change back to paying via our own means rather than paying the bill 3 weeks before its even due as rogers are doing just now.... Is this possible at all?




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Re: changing payment method


Yes it is; just not using the rogers website. You can either do it by visiting a rogers store or over the phone. It is a shame that rogers cannot make certain things easier to do via myrogers. 

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Re: changing payment method

The new message button is not working.

For online interact payment,how do I list Rogers as a new payee as the instructions in the support section do not apply to TD Canada Trust.

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Re: changing payment method

Finally figured it out,gotta put the Rogers name in the box first,then the different options menu shows so that you can list your Rogers account number.