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captivate and pc studio or kies?

I Plan to Stick Around

I was wondering, when I hook my captivate up to the computer and run kies, it says to run pc studio mode?


Where do I find that?


Is kies what we use to update to 2.2 when it comes out in early 11 or does it automatically send theupdate to the phone or do I have to request it form the phone?


sorry, new to android 🙂





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Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I Plan to Stick Around

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Here Awhile

I follorwed the upgrade procedure, and when I tried to run the Kies, which was downloaded from samsung offical website, a box just pop up forever, stating something is error.

Im currently using window 7, how can I get my captivate update?

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Here Awhile

same problem here.  Have updated drivers, made sure I have the newest kies, etc...anyone?

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I Plan to Stick Around

I've read other threads on this forum, and noticed that it only works fine on WindowsXP. Vista and Seven seem to have issues (in other words, the upgrade wouldn't work on Win7 in most of the cases).

Sadly, it's true. And you have all the rihgts and reasons to be upset 😞

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Around

Worked fine with Windows 7 64 bit.


Downloaded and started current Kies, plugged in phone followed prompts.


The battery fell out before the phone rebooted, put battery back in, phone re-booted update complete.


I did reset the phone back to factory data before upgrading.



Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Around

I have a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. I have not been able to get the update to run on my Win7 box. KIES installs fine but when I choose the Update Firmware option, it tries then fails with the following error:


msc.thunder.firmwareupdate has stopped working


Anyone been able to get past this or resolve the issue?

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I Plan to Stick Around

Its a problem with kies, but i believe samsung resolved it already. either update to the newest version of kies or use version

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee



The MSC.THUNDER issue is for Windows 7 64 bit pc's.  It seems that the new Kies is not compatible with the 64 bit.  The work around is to use the older version.  Below are the steps to follow :

  1. Download an older version of Kies 1.5.3 from


2.)Open Kies, plug in phone, click 'Kies (Firmware update)' on your phone

3.)Let it download the firmware, once that's done you'll get an error most likely, click next, or done or whatever.

4.)Exit Kies, unplug your phone and then put your phone in Download mode, using this method: Take everything out (Battery, SIM, MicroSD). Then put in the battery. Holding the volume buttons, plug in the USB cable to your computer. (Don't press the power button at all in this method. You should now have an Android dude with a shovel.

5.)Open Kies, "restore" your firmware by click the Firmware update button in Kies.

6.)Let Kies do its thing (you'll see the progress on your phone as it is loading the new firmware)

7.)New firmware loaded.

**** Reboot of device takes a long time, just wait for the screen to pop up ****


Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Here Awhile

I had to send back my first Captivate - random shutoffs, at least twice/day. 


SO on the second (current) one, I got the 'thunder' message again! 


I phoned Samsung's support line and they directed me to part of their webpage that I have not been able to copy the url exactly. What I mean is, when i copy and paste the url to hopefully send to others, the page is slightly different, not showing the version of Kies that works.


I know, it's convoluted, it should not be this difficult, so don't hesitate to call their help line. I talked to a very cheerful and helpful lady.  😄


Good luck!

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I Plan to Stick Around

I gave up on trying to install the update with Windows 7 64-bit. I tried different Samsung USB 64-bit drivers but the installs would always fail. When the phone was in download mode, Windows would not recognize it and it would not recognize the drivers even if I browsed to where they were located. I installed the latest Kies on a Windows 7 32-bit computer and had no problems updating to 2.2 . The voice addition in 2.2 is great.

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Here Awhile

I cannot get my Captivate to update to 2.2.  Keep getting this message, tried newest Kies and also tried 1.53.


Can anyone help?    *copy past in address bar*

Re: captivate and pc studio or kies?

I've Been Here Awhile
I've had my phone for months and it doesn't seem to like that kids or pc studio. Is it common for pc studio not to detect the SgH-i896?
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