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cant find a certain movie on ROD

I've Been Around

i been trying to find the illusionist with no luck for 2 hours now lol.. rogersondemand website says they have it in the drama catorigory ,is there an easy way to find this , i really want to watch!







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Re: cant find a certain movie on ROD

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I see it on my 8642HD pvr.


I found it by doing this:
- press the '*' key on the remote
- type 'ILLU" using the onscreen keyboard


On the right, I see:

"[VOD] The Illustrated Man"

"[VOD] Illunionist (2006), The"

"[VOD] The Illuionist (HD)"

"[VOD] The Illusionist (HD)"

"[VOD] Everything is Illuminated"

.. and some more entries after that.


I noticed that there are 2 entries for the film in SD and 2 entries for the film in HD --- and that the one marked "(2006)" is rated PG, the other non-HD one is rated PG-13, the first HD entry is rated PG-13, and the last is TVPG.


I also noticed that the two PG13 entries have running times of 1h 50min while the other 2 have running times of 1m 49. If they are indeed different, it's counter-intuitive that the version that's been edited to be more family-friendly would be longer! If they're not different, seems like pointless duplication!


Oh - if you still can't see it, double-check your Search Criteria. Current settings are shown beneath the "New""Delete""Space" buttons on the onscreen keyboard - it could be that you have (show results from)VOD disabled.


There's 3 options: "TV", "VOD", and "HD", and currently enabled options are shown with a red background while disabled options are shown in black background. Press the 'B' key on your remote to open the 'Change Criteria' options pane.


If it's still not showing for you, I'd suggest replying with the model of cable box you are using.. someone with the same model box could then check and confirm whether they see the film or not on their box.

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