'cannot access recorded shows at this time'

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Re: 'cannot access recorded shows at this time'

I have the motorola whole home setup. I have the main pvr downstairs and the 2nd in the bedroom. The other night in the middle of watching a recorded show, my pvr shut off. When it came back on it told me it couldnt access my recorded shows at this time.. Whatever, I went to bed thinking it just needed to finish updating. The next day the same thing was happening and I cannot record anymore on the box upstairs. It says network dvr not found. The one downstairs still works fine and still has my recorded shows. Just the one upstairs seems to have quit working. Any idea how to fix it? Its been rebooted, unplugged etc. Nothing seems to work.

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Resident Expert
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Re: 'cannot access recorded shows at this time'

While i am not super familiar with the moterola boxes (being in ontario with the cisco).. i beleive the whole home pretty much works the same way there.


Is there any notifier on the moterola boxes, that the whole home is activated on it?  I know on the cisco, that there is a little house icon whichshows up on the front display, when its been installed.


I am wondering if the software for whatever reason is not on the PVR box anymore.

Only other thing, would be that they are not able to communicate with each other.

All in all.. best thing to do, is call in, see what they say there.. if they can see if the software for it is on the box and try pushing it again.  Other than that, may require a tech out.