cancel data plan on a smartphone still under contract

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cancel data plan on a smartphone still under contract

I recently heard at the telus and bell stores that if you take a new contract voice and data plan with a subsidized iphone or any other mart phone then one can remove the data plan after 1st year of the contract and just keep the voice plan till end of the contact.

Also heard this law is more so just in Quebec, but on CRTC website i didnt see this rule but Telus and Bell representatives are willing to sell me the new contract right away with this promise.


Does Rogers have the same strategy?





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Re: cancel data plan on a smartphone still under contract

Hello roxy2020

No you can not do that. If you want to cancel your data then you will be paying the cancelation fee OR flextab device price u have left.

Quebec wireless policies are different then Ontario and the rest. You can NOT use a Quebec policy in Ontario and same goes with Ontario and Quebec.

This rule ONLY exist in Quebec and is ONLY for them. Its like how we have some policies and they dont have them. Rogers in Quebec may follow it BUT depends if they want too and are supposed to.  If they do,  time will tell and they will do it only for them.