can i change packages

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can i change packages

hi i signed up for a bundle with extreme internet with 500 gb cap, house phone and digital plus tv with whole home pvr and  a 2nd digital box locked in  for 3 years, and i have had it for 2 years now.

but seen lately all the  ingnite bundles with unlimited and higher sppeds and want to switch , is it possible to  change over and if so is the a penalty or anything




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Re: can i change packages

Welcome to the Community @slagheap Smiley Happy


It would all depend on your specific account and the offer that was provided to you. We would need to further review your account to give you an exact answer.

I will have our @CommunityHelps team reach out to you via PM.



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Re: can i change packages

I recently signed up for a bundle that inclued a free PVR and a an ongoing  $ 10 discount on my Internet package during the term of the promotion. At the time, the hybrid 60 was the fastest package available in my area. The promo also included an extra 120g a month for a total of 320Gig.  Rogers just came out with the ignite Internet packages with faster speeds now being available in my area . I inquired about upgrading my Internet to the ignite 100, I was told that I would have to opt out of my current promotion and sign up for a new one.  This would result in my bill increasing by $40 when the difference between  my current Internet and the ignite 100 is only $12.  This doesn't make any sense to me. If I only had Internet and wanted to upgrade it wouldn't be a problem, just pay the extra  $12. Because I have all my services bundled I can't just pay the difference. If the faster speeds were available when I signed up I would have opted for that. Now Im stuck with my current speed and bandwidth unless I want to lose all the benefits of my current promotion. 


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Re: can i change packages

It all depends on how the promotion is tied together.
if a certain freebie or % or $ discount is there.. it may be tied together with certain packages.

IE: that discount is for tv package X, and internety Y.    For it to work/be there, it needs to have those two packages on your account. 
To change to a different internet.. no longer has you with Y internet.. so that bundle doesnt work.

Discounts are not often arbitrary values just discounted on things.. they are tied to specific other parts/services.




All that being said.. call back and see if you can get a different rep.
(or even try doing it via facebook or twitter.. i did the following changes via twitter DM 🙂 )

They may be able to find something different.

Prior to the ignite comming out, i was on the hybrid 60 plan.  Home phone, and VIP TV.  I had a 40% discount on my TV package.
I called in and inquired and was told the same.. to change to the 100u, would loose my TV discount.  WAY not worth it.
Talked to them again (via twitter).  They looked into things in a little more detail... and looked to see what else could be done.
In the end, they yes, canceled my 40% tv discount... BUT were able to find me a better deal.  100u internet, home phone, and VIP TV... with a 25% discount across all 3 services.   It actually saves me an aditional $20 a month... with FASTER internet than before.