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calls dropped before phone rings

I've Been Around

Since moving from Southern Alberta to Eastern Ontario, both my and my Wife's BlackBerrys often won't ring, but the missed call will pop-up.


It's not hardware, we had the same devices in Alberta.


It's not even phone number related, since my Wife hasn't changed her number.


It's likely not software related, as I have a 9700 with OS 5 and she has an 8120 with OS 4.6.


This isn't even a dropped call, because we can't even answer the phone.  This has occurred too many times to count.


In addition, many people call, the phone doesn't ring, it goes to voicemail, and the caller is told that my voicemail is full, when it is actually empty, or has a few messages (but never near the limit of 35 messages included with Enhanced Voicemail).


This is very annoying because I am missing calls.  Is it just that there is too little network capacity?  Because that is currently my best guess.



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Re: calls dropped before phone rings

I Plan to Stick Around
Jumping to voicemail could be caused by network congestion (good eye there!) but getting the msg that VM box is full wouldn't, I don't think.

Give the tech-support roulette wheel a spin ... and good luck. Your type of problem is probably to need it cuz it sounds wonky and complex.

Re: calls dropped before phone rings

I've Been Here Awhile

Try this.


Go to Profiles --> Advanced...
Highlight the active profile, and press the Menu button (the one with the dots on it). Then select Edit.
Scroll down and select Phone.
Scroll to the bottom
Make sure the Do Not Disturb option to No.
If set to Yes then incoming phone calls directly to voicemail.


You didnt mention if your getting singal or not if your arent then it could be old sim card issue.

Tech support number is  1-866-931-3282. Open 24/7

Re: calls dropped before phone rings

I Plan to Stick Around

I may be mistaken, but I don't think DoNotDisturb exists on the 9700.



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