blocking specific DNS with CGN3

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Re: blocking specific DNS with CGN3

thanks for the help, too bad i can't do much with the Hitron gateway, but atleast it looks....alright?


gonna save up some money for a different router to bridge to. 



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Re: blocking specific DNS with CGN3

The CGN3 supports two bands and the 5G band isn't compatible with Chromecast setup. If you disable the 5G band during setup (you can re-enable it afterwards) your problems may go away.

Log into your router ( enter into your browser's address bar, the default username is "cusadmin" and password is "password")

At the top of the screen, select Wireless

A third of the way down the screen, select the 5G tab

In the right-hand column, set the Enable/Disable switch to Disable

At the bottom of the screen click on the Save Changes button

Try ChromeCast setup again

After done (successful or not) reset the Enable/Disable switch and click Save Changes again