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blackberry data plan

Just curious if anyone know the answer to my question.


I have a blackberry data plan which expires August 2013. I wanted to buy the iphone and was wondering if I could change my data plan to one that works with the iphone? Or if I have the contract with the blackberry data plan only?


In other words, Is my data contract only with Blackberries or as long as I always have a data plan it can be used with different phones? Thanks!



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Re: blackberry data plan

Hello Laurel_xo,


Blackberry data plans do not work with the iPhone, the iPhone uses a data plan specific for all Apple iPhones (3G, 3GS, 4, etc.)

Your blackberry data plan will not allow you to browse or send and receive e-mail with your iPhone you would certainly need to change your data plan to one that works with the iPhone. You can certainly call into our customer care department at 1-866-931-3282 and they can discuss the details with you for your plan and make the necessary changes with you.



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Re: blackberry data plan

Hello laurel_xo, and Rogers Shelhzad,

First things first, please do not delete my post, without consulting with one of your Engineers. You guys seem to stick to your guns on your answer, but you should take the advice from me personally, and perhaps you should actually investigate my claims.

Blackberry Data plans DO certainly work with non-blackberry devices such as iPhones.

I find it strange how a Rogers moderator is telling you otherwise, but I can assure you it works.

BlackBerry Data plans have APN's 1, 2 and 3 built in. (APN 3 needed specifically for RIM)
Non-Blackberry data plans have only APN's 1 and 2.

The iPhone works just fine with APN's 1 and 2, so in summary, both data plans will work, but there is no point removing the blackberry plan, because the extra APN included with it is there incase you need it or ever switch to a BB device that requires it.
Once again, please I ask you to not moderate my posts, you may have been told it doesn't work by someone in marketing, but you should really escalate this to someone perhaps an Engineer who actually knows this. If you want I can forward you his/her contact info to confirm this.

I am NOT a Rogers employee, my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of this website and its affiliates.

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Re: blackberry data plan

Hello Pauly,


Thanks for the clarification and research on this it is very detailed, as I should have been more clear on my post. My post was based on all blackberry data plans including two blackberry data plans that did not include access to these access points. The personal e-mail plan and the social networking plan, I hope this clears things up.




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Re: blackberry data plan

In any case, of the data plan does not even exprie until 2013~I don't see it being such a concern now as we are only going into 2011.  By that time, there will be a lot of new changes to plans, phones, and usage.  You may find that you will still want to stick with a BB, go with the iPhone or even find something new to go with.


As well, if the data plan you have now does not suit your needs, why would you not be able to change your plan around a bit to make it work better for you and your needs?  I've had a lot of help and success when I needed to re-arrange my plan for what I needed.



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Re: blackberry data plan on an iPhone

Don't mean to resurrect an old thread but this thread popped up. 


I'd just like to add that I am currently and have been on BB Data plan with my iPhone 5 for several years now.


I can attest that it indeed does work.


Any how, the reason why I was searching for BB data plans while using another device is because I suspect that while data (LTE) works with my iPhone, I am not convinced that it works without issue. In my case, my 3G and LTE both take a while to kick in, despite swapping devices. While any other iPhone on Rogers tends to lock into 3G and LTE almost immediately in the same area.


Since I am on a quasi corporate account, I am not sure if it is possible to switch to a regular Data plan since historically, changes to my plan has always resulted in considerable work and frustration by myself and Rogers on the backend to to fix what got screwed up during the change. 

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Re: blackberry data plan on an iPhone

Hello Hmm

This is a 4 year old thread. The mods are allowed to post and comment if they can help.

The same thing happens with everyone using a normal plan. Sometimes it may take a few seconds to kick in and turn on. I would suggest to stay with your plan. In the long run it may help u out and it won't be a issue like u hey had before changing plans and such.