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Please Read Before Posting

This board is a place for community members to: Ask questions about how things work in the Community i.e. How do I delete my post? How do I edit my profile? How do I change my username? Etc. Provide suggestions to the Community Manager, Community Spe...

Welcome to the Community Lounge!

The Lounge is a place to kick back, relax and chat with your fellow community users. Wanna talk about the Blue Jays? Cool! How about music, movies, sports? Check! Essentially, the Lounge is a place for friendly and casual discussion that is considere...

Rogers’ Burial Process

Rogers’ Burial Process is initiated when a customer is experiencing degraded signal from their existing cable feed to their property. After exhausting all troubleshooting steps to correct or improve the signal, and only as a last resort, the field te...

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Navigatr Guide - How To

Navigatr Guide – How To’s This guide is designed to hopefully help walk people through how to manage some of the functions on the new Navigatr guide. Some of these things may be WORK AROUNDS on how to do specific things, until a better way is release...

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Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 4 replies

Easy Fixes to 5 of the Most Common TV Issues

Often times, many of life’s most common annoyances end up having the simplest of solutions, and all you needed was a simple push in the right direction. How do I reset my digital cable box? Start by unplugging the power cable, either from the power o...

RogersDarrell by Community Manager (Retired)
  • 0 replies

4 Ways to Personalize Your Rogers TV Experience

Here are four ways Rogers Digital TV customers can make their TV-watching experience even more personalized. Set a default channel When you turn on your TV, you’ll notice that your digital box automatically defaults to channel 1. Try these simple ste...

Resolved! Please Specify Your Location When asking for Help

Hey folks. Because Rogers uses different hardware in different areas of the country, if you're asking for hardware help, please specify the province you live in and the type of hardware you're asking about. For example, in NB, the Nextbox 2 is from M...

Lurker by I'm a Senior Advisor
  • 4 replies

Archives: FAQs

Hey Community, The Archives board will house all of our past posts and threads that are now deemed out of date or no longer applicable. This board will remain locked and be only viewable. If you have any inquiries or concern about current products or...

Rogers throttling photobucket?

I have been a rogers customer for about 3 years and have found they have extremely slow upload speeds no matter which sites I use for uploading but the one I use the most is Photobucket. I had Express which is 512Kbps up but on photobucket I would on...

oneupcanuck by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Visual Voicemail needs continuous set up!!!

My husband has had his iphone4 for over a year now.....and his phone is continuously asking for the visual voicemail to be set up! its usper annoying. we installed the new phone ios6 and it still is having the same issue....Someone help!!!!! thanks *...

ggill30 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

Resolved! downgrading Extreme to Express

I'm on Extreme using modem Cisco DPC3825 and if I'm downgrading from Extreme to Express do I keep same 3825 modem? or I will have to get a different one ? ***edited labels***

ytty by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 1 replies

refurbished phone

I upgraded a phone on somewhere in august which is s3 . I really love the phone but my sister wants it so i gave it to her co shes in the philippines. And after that i paid off the remaining flextab balance that i have. And then after a month or two ...

castrel by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 6 replies

E-Bills are not Offered to All Customers...WHY???

I would seriously like to know why in this age of E-billing and concern for the environment why you make e-billing is not offered to ALL customers. Several of my neighbours have tried to register their accounts on line and are denied. When they call ...

lrookies by I'm Here A Lot
  • 15 replies

Resolved! Data Day Pass

Hi, I recently got rid of my much-loved, well-used Blackberry Curve because it was nothing but problems and I can't afford to get it fixed again when, it's obvious to me that it's not going to work longterm... and also because I got a free phone from...

Remove pre-authorized credit card?

Hi, I added my credit card a while ago & I would like to remove it and go back to paying manually... but I can't seem to find where/how to do this on the website.... Here is where I am going to suggest Rogers get a less clunky, more user friendly web...

TMN channels missing from guide?

Was watching TMN On-Demand when (I believe) my 3 year old started messing with the remote and changed the channel. Now the channels 383-391 are all missing from the guide. Weird right? Is it even possible to block these or do you think this is a roge...

hxfour by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Handset Repair?

About 18 months ago I signed a typical 3 year mobile contract with Rogers. The handset was a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. About two weeks after the one year warranty expired on the handset, the speaker for the phone failed. The phone still worked perfec...

Widdney by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 2 replies

Cisco 8642HD Disk Trouble

Hi all - I'm new here, so I apologize if there is already a thread around this. I was watching TV the other day with no problems. But yesterday, I come home from work and turn on the PVR to get this message: Disk trouble There are problems with the p...

shimmer by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 4 replies

Data plan for non smartphone

Hi i have lost my iphone 4 and i want to use my old phone nokia 5800 2 years ago rogers had unlimited data plan for non smartphone like nokia 5800 forn $10 my question is do they still have this plan available ****Edited Labels****

raul_ake by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Personal Hotspot question !

Hi Mr. Rogers online support, i have a another question about "personal hotspot" . I would like to know if i turn on my "Personal Hotspot" from my iPhone on, "DO I GET EXTRA CHARGE for DATA" ? or the Personal Hotspot uses DATA base on your Monthly DA...

RandySolara by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Switching from iPhone 3gs to iphone 4s

I have an Iphone 3gs on contract, and my brother gave me his old iphone 4s. I was wondering how I go abouts switching phones, Do I just need to switch SIM cards and thats it? or what? Thanks for your reply ****Edited Labels****

Patricksw by I've Been Around
  • 1 replies

Downloads freeze

I am using a Cisco 3825 router with the so-called Extreme Plus plan. When I attempt a large download (e.g. 3.3 GB from Microsoft or 768 MB from Adobe) it frequently freezes. It will remain frozen forever unless I hit the pause and resume functions in...

gwilkes by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 1 replies

Rocket Hub DNS Problems

I have the 3G10WVR2 bwith a intermittent, but with increasing frequency, DNS problem. I have tracked it down to the Hub not processing/hand shaking properly to provide DNS resolution. I confirmed this by manually setting the DNS services on my laptop...

DS256 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 3 replies

HD seems to have disappeared with enhanced guide

I have had an 8642HD Explorer Nextbox PVR since this summer and everything was fine. About a month ago, my system was modified with Rogers installing the Enhanced Program Guide and since then I seem to have lost much of the quality for HD channels. M...

Early Upgrade Fee

I search around and couldn't find anything on this. I've been tracking my Early Upgrade Fee for a couple of Months and it hasn't dropped. Is the fee suppose to drop a set amount each month as you get closer to the end of your contract? Thanks. ****Ed...

TIPS: Windows Phone 7.5 TIPS

There seems to be a number of undocumented tips for WP7.8.Thought I would share a few and see if anyone has any to add:1) when a notification pops up at the top of your screen (I.e. New txt msg) it takes a few seconds to disappear. If you want the sc...

What is up with the slow data?!

I have tested my evo 3d, htc one x (multiple radio versions) and my wife's iphone 4s on the rogers network. And while Rogers claims we have HSPA+ my max download is only 2.2Mbps across all 3 devices in Winnipeg. It's ridiculous that we pay for this D...

iarekay by I'm Here A Lot
  • 20 replies

Resolved! Rogers offered me 300gb/18mbps/2mps

I have 1 month remaining on contract. I'm currently an Express subscriber at 18mbps/0.5mbps/80gb and have never gone over the 80gb, but come close every month. I run Speed Tests at 23-30mbps/0.5mps using Cisco DPC 2835. PACKAGE A: Rogers offered me 1...

Dimundz88 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 6 replies