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Please Read Before Posting

This board is a place for community members to: Ask questions about how things work in the Community i.e. How do I delete my post? How do I edit my profile? How do I change my username? Etc. Provide suggestions to the Community Manager, Community Spe...

Welcome to the Community Lounge!

The Lounge is a place to kick back, relax and chat with your fellow community users. Wanna talk about the Blue Jays? Cool! How about music, movies, sports? Check! Essentially, the Lounge is a place for friendly and casual discussion that is considere...

Rogers’ Burial Process

Rogers’ Burial Process is initiated when a customer is experiencing degraded signal from their existing cable feed to their property. After exhausting all troubleshooting steps to correct or improve the signal, and only as a last resort, the field te...

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Navigatr Guide - How To

Navigatr Guide – How To’s This guide is designed to hopefully help walk people through how to manage some of the functions on the new Navigatr guide. Some of these things may be WORK AROUNDS on how to do specific things, until a better way is release...

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Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 4 replies

Easy Fixes to 5 of the Most Common TV Issues

Often times, many of life’s most common annoyances end up having the simplest of solutions, and all you needed was a simple push in the right direction. How do I reset my digital cable box? Start by unplugging the power cable, either from the power o...

RogersDarrell by Community Manager (Retired)
  • 0 replies

4 Ways to Personalize Your Rogers TV Experience

Here are four ways Rogers Digital TV customers can make their TV-watching experience even more personalized. Set a default channel When you turn on your TV, you’ll notice that your digital box automatically defaults to channel 1. Try these simple ste...

Resolved! Please Specify Your Location When asking for Help

Hey folks. Because Rogers uses different hardware in different areas of the country, if you're asking for hardware help, please specify the province you live in and the type of hardware you're asking about. For example, in NB, the Nextbox 2 is from M...

Lurker by I'm a Senior Advisor
  • 4 replies

Archives: FAQs

Hey Community, The Archives board will house all of our past posts and threads that are now deemed out of date or no longer applicable. This board will remain locked and be only viewable. If you have any inquiries or concern about current products or...

BBM / BB help

Hi, I just recently upgraded my phone to the Blackberry Q10 and my bbm is giving me a hard time! I have never had any problems with bbm in the past, but everytime I go to use it outside of my home it does not work. I have a data plan and I am connect...

lexus88 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

Defrag question NB3

Is there a way to manually defrag the NB3? If not, does the box do it automatically like the 8300? ***Edited labels***

mousetamer by I'm a Trusted Contributor
  • 4 replies

The BB 10 OS was recently updated to It contained several bugs, including Voice Control and Bluetooth problems. BB has now made available with bug fxes. Does Rogers plan to release this version and if so, when? ***Edited Label...

Gridlock by I'm Here A Lot
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Blackberry Z10

Re: Incoming calls - reduce number of rings prior to call going to voicemail Have the phone (Blackberry Z10) on vibrate most of the time but find it vibrates 14 times prior to the call being transferred to voice mail. Cannot find any information on h...

bmason by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Stuck on EDGE

Hello all, thanks for taking the time to maybe help me I have an : unlocked HTC ONE 07100 ROM: Cyanogenmod 10.2.1 used to work on Bell 3g, H+ and LTE without any issues. Since I'm with Rogers it sticks on EDGE (2G) instead of 3G (did see LTE for a fe...

Eric393 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 5 replies

Can't send SMS anymore

Android 2.2.2 Phone is a Samsung SGH-T589R. I can receive and make phone calls. Can also receive SMS, but cannot send any. Have been doing it eversince I downloaded SMS to text application. Maybe has to do with Samsung Kies that I also recently downl...

Resolved! Any need to upgrade my modem?

I've had the same modem since we moved in back in 1999 (Motorola 5B5100 Surfboard Cable Modem). I supply my own router so really don't need a Rogers one - I have replace that myself once in the 15 years and can manage it quite effectively. Given Roge...

Packet loss since upgrade?

ever since i upgraded my internet package with unlimited bandwidth about 2 weeks ago i've been having problems with packet loss in the games i play online and speed/ping tests. it seems my connection has become very unreliable. i have a massive list ...

Canon624 by I've Been Around
  • 2 replies

Resolved! internet issues?

is anyone else in the Etobicoke/Rexdale area having issues? for over a week now every day my internet slows to a crawl then disconnects and takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to work again. Initally tech support said it was my modem but i had it rep...

Chikara67 by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Paying off FlexTab Balance

Good Day Y'all If I pay off the balance of my wireless phone, can I then get out of the contract? Would it then cost me to break the contract if there is a zero balance on the phone? ***Edited Labels.***

RGC1940 by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 55 replies

Resolved! Anti Virus License Key expired

So Since Feb 3rd I've had issues with the new update from Rogers Anti Virus. it says License key has expired. There is a ticket open with Rogers, but I want to know if anybody else has an answer. Rogers has removed it, installed it, reinstalled it ma...

theblue12 by I'm Here A Lot
  • 22 replies

What's the next "improvement"?

You used to be able to adjust recordings by one minute intervals in both directions, i.e., start earlier or later, end earlier or later. No more. Now you have to adjust by larger increments, and only earlier to start land later to end. So if the Olym...

JEL by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 7 replies

Recording just one minute at night.

Overnight recordings are totally unreliable. There is a show at 3 a.m. that's listed as programmed to record, but the next morning I find that only one minute was recorded, from 4:00 to 4:01. Other overnight shows are often started 20 minutes late or...

JEL by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 2 replies

Combining 2 Single Plans into 1 Share Everything Plan?

Hello, I have 2 plans with Rogers, an iphone with a data plan and another phone with a regular no data plan. Is it possible for me to convert these two plans into a single Share Everything plan? Thanks in advance! ***Edited Labels.***

Tony_D by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! CBC HD picture and sound cutting out

I am trying to watch Olympics and my HD feed of the CBC coverage both on channel 5 and 514 continually cut out with the picture going all pixelated and sound cutting out. I have been on Facebook asking friends if they are having the same problem and ...

cfrere by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

HD Channel question

Sorry for sounding really dumb but dont know enough about this. I just purchased a 51" Samsung Plasma HD Tv and right now I just have regular cable coming to the free digital box from rogers. I dont want a PVR box but what do I need to get the true H...

chritters by I've Been Here Awhile
  • 3 replies

NextBox 3 freezes/reboots when swapping pic in pic

Anybody have the problem with the box freezing then rebooting when swapping channels in picture and picture? Lately mine has been doing this, resulting in a 10-15 min wait while the box reboots. Is it a faulty box? Or some software problem? ***Edited...

gordow by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Where did preview mode go in Yahoo mail client?

Is it just me or has it disappeared in this "new" interface change. I also cannot seem to find any way to change the overall appearance - there is no themes menu any more. Finally when I click on the link on the top right hand corner (" Switch to the...

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