basic cable with no box

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Re: basic cable with no box

Hello: I've had basic cable with no digital box for two years. No problem. Cable goes directly into TV.  Recently acquired free digital adapter (not a digital box) and again, no problem. Now cable goes into adapter and then to TV. I believe there are two levels of service. The one gives you channels 2 through 26 plus a few farther up like BNN, APTN etc. The second ("Plus"?) gives you  all the channels from 2 through 60 something including Bravo, Comedy, Speed, AMC and others. Cheers, Sam

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Re: basic cable with no box

I believe there are actually 3 analoge packages that Rogers offers (obviously not promoted any more).  The first being basic, which is your 2-26'ish, and a few others up in the 50's/60's.. the second is Combo Plus, not sure how many more channels is offered, the last is Ultimate, which gives you 2-72'ish. 


I remember seeing a filter list from a technichian a few years back, and it showed all channels each filter was designed to remove.. back then there were about 5 or 6 different packages (about 5 years ago).  Your bill/package was dependant on which filter was installed.

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Re: basic cable with no box

I'm looking to downgrade my cable package to basic cable. I currently have a box (I've had it since 2009), but am wondering if I need to get a new digital box to do this? Or will the one I currently have support this?


Any advice would be appreciated!

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Re: basic cable with no box

Your current digital box should support basic cable.