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bad customer service

I've Been Here Awhile

lately, i had my plan changed. the confirmation I received was $100.53 per month. When I got my bill a couple days ago it was $117. so, I called and questioned why. A Gentleman, I believe whose name is Scott answered the phone. After I told him my Confirmation number, he was keep telling me 75+45-5 something like that.

As a customer, i don't really mind how you add your numbers. what I want is my final bill. Scott was trying to tell me their employee made a mistake. finally, I told him that I would like to pay off my phone and cancel my service. he told me his computer was down and wait on the line. which is not a issue. then, my phone get cut off. And, he never call me back.


after 10 years been with Rogers, I think it's time to say Bye!




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Re: bad customer service

leaving rogers after being with them for18 years!


after not getting a phone with rogers for more than about 5 years and being a loyal customer for 18 years grand father plan im treated no different any other regular joe that joins rogers and i'm dissapointed.

i called to get a new phone after dropping it and now my data on the phone doesnt work. 

so i call rogers customers retention and theys keep saying i gotta pay $80 a month and i keep talking and it goes down to $70 and rep say it can't go down any more.  this deal is available to any new customer.  and rep even told me they treat everyone the same lol.  Why did i stay with rogers all this time for???  i dont see any point and i cancelled the acct.

U guys dont value old customers thats very sad to hear. 

Re: bad customer service

I'm a Senior Advisor

For those who are on old plans and want to get a new phone, you can achieve that by buying it upfront. For most on older plans, the difference between old plan and the new plans to get the new phone, the best option is to just buy the phone outright (you can buy it anywhere and get it unlocked if you desire, or from them, no term).  Even if you buy the phone on a credit card (say like the Rogers master card), you will pay less than your increased plan per month, and earn points, pay it off as fast as you want, no change in your plan, or term to cancel from, and if you happen to use the Rogers master card - between the paying google play purchases, their past selling of travel insurance, and the master card, are they trying to be a bank too), but with the Rogers mastercard plan, you can earn points when you buy the phone, and use the points to pay your bill.  Win win, but these are all workarounds, and don't really reflect loyalty options for past customers.  


In a message from the CEO, he indicated that their goal is to increase value added options to tier 2 and tier 3 customers increasing the costs and revenue from them as well as selling new phones on higher priced plans (which they are achieving). and are not worried about keeping people who don't want to move up a tier, and and he is not worried at all about tier one customers (those with old plans, limited services, and not interested in paying more for new phones through increased plans (it is not a subsidy, it is a deferred payment plan over two years, with about 20.00 savings overall), but none if you have a low plan you wish to keep. So like you, many of us are finding that they really aren't interested in keeping us under the older model of loyalty, they want us on new phones, value added plans, and higher revenue overall.


So you also carried out the other option, which is just jump ship.  The other plans may only be a little better than the new Rogers plans, so you will still probably see higher prices on your new plans with other companies, but you have better choice of plan and phone options than Rogers, so you can more easily define your plan to your needs and not get the "value added stuff", which you may not want at all (shomi, spotify, Next, etc), and you also leave on principle and get the message across here.


congrats to you and enjoy your new services.  Hope it all works out for you.



Re: bad customer service

Hello @Mike777


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums.


I am sorry you are feeling this way.


We value your business and we would like to help you with your issue.


If there is anything we can do to help you please let us know and we’ll reach out to you via Private Message.



Re: bad customer service

I Plan to Stick Around

I have a complaint to make about the way Credit Operations has treated me on 3 separate occasions, and in talking to them yesterday, Faraza said this was the only way for me to send a complaint. I asked for an email address for a manager and he/she said that I should post it here instead.


In an effort to control my rant-length, I would liike to point out that if you have customers in BC, you should perhaps be aware that calling them at 3 in the afternoon Pacific Time means that the majority of them are at work when you call.


When I answer my phone and tell the other party that I am at work, I expect them to arrange to call back at another time. Period. Saying "This will only take a minute" and demanding payment is completely untrue, and disrespectful of the customer's time, and patently ridiculous.


This is the third time in a year that this exact situation has happened, despite me taking actions to manage my account and correct an issue that resulted in late payments. This time, it took a FULL HOUR just to straighten things out, which, by my rudimentary math skills, is approximate 60 times longer than the "just a minute" stated.


I would request that your Credit Operations callers are trained to respect the customer and to excise the practice of pushing forward with their agenda when a customer has clearly stated that it is not a good time. I further suggest that perhaps if you are going to sell your services to people in a specific time zone that you actually service their accounts during the times that they might typically be available.

Re: bad customer service

I'm Here A Lot
so basically rogers dont give a flying crap about their old customers good to know when i know i helped u guys to build a empire at the start choosing u guys over bell supporting all this time and this is the thx i get in the end. YA dont care for your old customers its a really good business model everyone should learn from u guys! lets hope u guys keep losing old customers like myself and see what happens.