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bad customer service

I've Been Here Awhile

lately, i had my plan changed. the confirmation I received was $100.53 per month. When I got my bill a couple days ago it was $117. so, I called and questioned why. A Gentleman, I believe whose name is Scott answered the phone. After I told him my Confirmation number, he was keep telling me 75+45-5 something like that.

As a customer, i don't really mind how you add your numbers. what I want is my final bill. Scott was trying to tell me their employee made a mistake. finally, I told him that I would like to pay off my phone and cancel my service. he told me his computer was down and wait on the line. which is not a issue. then, my phone get cut off. And, he never call me back.


after 10 years been with Rogers, I think it's time to say Bye!




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Re: bad customer service

I've Been Visiting

It seem like Rogers does want to keep your loyal customers. I call in an ask if I can do an hardware upgrade and keep my public section plan. The customer offer me an share a data plan and basically this is best they can offer and if you don't like you can change carriers. What kind of company is that! Been with Rogers over 20 year. Disappointed with the service.

Re: bad customer service

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @sli211

Unfortunately if you have a older plan and want to do a hardware upgrade you must have a Everything Shared Plus plan. This is what all carriers do. Not just Rogers mind you. I have been a loyal customer and was able to get a plan which i have to pay an extra $20 a month but i did it solely because i needed a new phone. The plan they gave me is a loyal plan as they say.

@CommunityHelps are we able to have someone look into the customers file and see what we can do!

Re: bad customer service

Might not be much that can be done. Some of those Public Sector plans are very old. I think in this case you might be better off just buying the phone outright and keeping the same plan you have if you like it that much. You're most likely not gonna get a similar rate upon upgrading with ROGERS or switching to any of the major providers.