after recent upgrade pver extender not working

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after recent upgrade pver extender not working

after recent rogers upgrade for software everything recorded on pvr with rogers extender (old 500 mb model) and scientific atlanta 8300 started every few minutes to freeze for 1-2 seconds then continue. rogers advised trade in pvr for new as in refurbished one and that did not work. then they said buy new seagate 1 tb extender from them and that did not work.then they said trade that new one in and get another 1 tb seagate and that did not work. then put old extender on bedroom pvr and it also pauses on that pvr. then unplugged new extender on living room pvr and everything recorded straight to pvr works rogers say it is seagate problem and to call them. any ideas anyone?





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Re: after recent upgrade pver extender not working

i've had the same issues on my 8642 ... external enclosure with WD 5000AAKS Blue... could not get it to work after this update ... changed out the drive to a 6400AAKS got it to work, recorded a show came home to watch ... it was listed but wouldn't play... box starts to reboot while trying to acces the recorded show... reboot finishes ... show gone.... drive space gone.... no longer recognized again .... ** rogers


Any help would be appreciated.... somewhere i read someone tried a 'faster' drive... but surely it is not because of speed of he drive


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Re: after recent upgrade pver extender not working

Unless the updates are preventing something with 3rd party drives.. im not sure.


With any of the recent updates and reboots, i still have everything on mine. Mind you, i am using the rogers specfic one (segate i think it is?)