add 2nd email

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add 2nd email

how the heck do I make another rogers .com email  I have my primary one  but want to make a 2nd one  thanks.



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Resident Expert
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Re: add 2nd email

You log into your webmial for your primary.

Hover the mosut over your name, then from the dropdown, choose Account Info

When you get to the member center page.. go the my account and billing tab.

On that tab, you should be able to add a 2ndary address.

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Re: add 2nd email

IMHO you should never use an email address from your ISP.  That makes it harder for you to switch ISPs as you then have to change your email address with everyone that has it.


Consider using something like Yahoo, Gmail, Live mail, etc.


Better yet get your own domain so if your name is Wayne Gretzky your email address is  You can do this pretty easily with services like GoDaddy.