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Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Here Awhile



I have tried twice in the last 12 hours to contact Rogers through *611. The first time I was asked to call back in a few hours (I did not because I did not want to deal with Rogers "support") the second time was this morning when I was told to call back tonight!. Both times I was told that the "system" was down and that they could not help me.


The funny thing is that i am trying to get a hold of retention to see if they could get me a better deal.


Posting here is really my final "try" to give Rogers my money.


Either after work or during lunch I will most likely switch providers, in which case I will close my account. I find it very frustrating that companies like this seem to think it is okay to not provide their customers with basic customer service.


Either way,

So long, and thanks for the fish!


Michael Moore



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Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello Evamiken

The systems have been down since yesterday. Many people have called in as well. All the departments are having this issue, not just one. They are upgrading something on their computers that is causing this. I was told it would take another few hours for it to go back up.

The mods on here have the same issues as well. They can not get into anyone's accounts seeing as the system is down. The problem is that Rogers does not time the updates or upgrades properly.


How exacly do you want them to give you customer service when the computers are down :/. If they can not access the account because of the systems being down, then they can not do anything. The reps over the phone are NOT responsible of the upgrades / updates on the system. They just let us know what they get told. I feel bad for the reps because they get yelled at & name called.


Anyways up to you if you want to leave Rogers. I wish Rogers would get done with this & have the systems up already.

Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Around

I have to agree, they send out text messages that you have to pay your bill, then when you try to, you can't get through, 2 days is a ridiculous amount of time for a company of this size to be down.  I think they just really don't care about customer service or they would have scheduled this upgrade properly like most companies have to do.  Do not ever feel loyal to one of these companies that continually rip off their customers and charge incredible prices in the meantime.  Canada needs new regulations for these large providers.

Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Here Awhile

Hey there,


I am super lazy so I don’t really want to leave 🙂 I would rather get what I want from Rogers than have to hunt down a better deal else where. I have 3 phones I will need to move uggg I hate this stuff.


As for their systems being down, I can log into "my Rogers" and see my account (which I'm guessing is different than the customer support interface).


Being down for this much time is a failure hands down. This is a lack of skill, planning, or management.


It just sucks that I want to make this work but cant get the help I need to do so.


Re: Zero Customer Service :(

Social Media Specialist
Social Media Specialist

Hi all. We’re having issues accessing cust accts but can still help w/ general questions. We’re working to resolve and apologize for the trouble. 


Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Here Awhile
Your systems seem to be "down" on a regular basis, once a month or so. Try hunting for a "real person" to talk as a Pay-as-you-go customer.
I'm very unhappy with your services, or better said, lack thereof.

Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Here Awhile
Hi Chris, You may want to tell the Customer Service Reps this because they will not even try and look up anything. I have tried calling 3 times today, and every time I'm met with the same answer sorry but the system is down.

All I want is someone to help me give Rogers my money by getting me a better deal. I have 3 phones on different providers I would like to have all 3 on one provider.

Re: Zero Customer Service :(

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
I think what Chris was saying, was that they can do general inquiries, so like say there are the plans available, etc.
but they can't look up to see what can be apllied to the account, discounts, etc, as they need to be able to look at the account details.

I alway wonder why people say they can't pay their bill when the system is down, but I guess not everyone does it the same way. I do mine through my web banking, put in amount to pay, and your done, no Rogers needed.

Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Around

I tried to call several times it  and it tells me it is conecting and then it tells me that the deparnment is closed and hang up on me. All i want to do is change my usage

Re: Zero Customer Service :(

I've Been Here Awhile

I posted a new thread about my complaint, so deleting this one.

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