ZTE MF28B with external router

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Re: ZTE MF28B with external router

O.K. Sorry for the late posting. Been a really busy weekend. Did manage to play around with it on Friday (snow day) 9 hours worth of playing to no avail but I did make some advances.
So this is my setup:
Rocket Hub (finally got it to act as just a modem. Shut down all wi-fi and dhcp functions. It was a matter of doing it in a specific order, dancing around a bonfire, chanting to the rocket hub god's)
1 ethernet cable plugged into LAN 4 of rocket hub going to my computer running PFSense. It is plugged into the WAN port of PF Sense. From there I have another cable plugged into the LAN port of PF Sense that runs to my gigabit switch (by the way, I am using all Cat6e cabling)
From the gigabit switch I have cables running to 4 computers running Windows 7. I also have a separate wifi router that I have disabled dhcp on and only use for wireless purposes.
The last thing I should mention is that I use Vonage VOIP telephone service. Have always used it. My whole setup had worked flawlessly for 6 years. When we moved to our new house in January I was forced to go with the rocket hub as there was no traditional service in my area. Setup everything the way it was and no luck. I have even factory defaulted PF Sense and tried from scratch but nothing.
Everything seems to be working well except for when I introduce PF Sense into the equation.

On Friday night, I managed to get it all going however, when I would surf the internet, some webpages would open but alot of other pages would not. Don't know what could be causing this. The vonage phone line was working but I could not use the internet properly.

Hope this info helps!

BTW - Bridge Mode is not supported on ZTE.  You can only use LTE Gateway mode.  That's why I disabled wi-fi and dhcp when hooking up to the PF Sense computer.  I also tried the previous settings by you and by safk.  Safk's seemed to get me closest to it working.  But I don't know if I had overlooked something you might had suggested.  It was a long day and night of testing and my patience was wearing very thin. 

I did setup up both the WAN and LAN in static mode but have no idea what else I may need to do.

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Re: ZTE MF28B with external router



good response!


I am glad to hear your incantations to the Gods of RocketHubs worked to some extent.  You tell us that: "...when I would surf the internet, some webpages would open but alot of other pages would not. Don't know what could be causing this. The vonage phone line was working but I could not use the internet properly."


Are there any error indications or any other messages when you encounter pages that don't load?  In the first place I wonder if you are getting some kind of firewall issues with pfSense.  As I mentioned in my posting above, you are cascading two routers.  What I did not think to mention at the time is that you are also cascading two firewalls.


But now that you have provided more information about your network, let me ask you a very specific question: why do you need the FreeBSD box/router/firewall functions?  What functionality is the pfSense router/firewall providing you that is not being provided by the new ZTE MF28B?


The ZTE has router and firewall functionality built in.  There may not be any way you can disable either the ZTE router or firewall functionality.  But I am not sure you should really want or need to.  The pfSense software also includes router and firewall functionality.  Think about it.  Do you really need to duplicate the ZTE functions with the pfSense firewall and router on your new network setup?  I don't know what else the FreeBSD box does for you, but it seems to me that you don't at this point need more router and firewall capabilities.  The ZTE already provides that.


What if you just leave the ZTE doing what it does, which is connect to the cell network, route, do dhcp and WiFi, and perform firewall functions.  And then you connect your gigabit switch to one of the LAN ports on the ZTE, and connect all your Windows 7 PC's to the gigabit switch, as they are now, and also connect the FreeBSD box directly to a LAN port on the gigabit switch.  Unless I am mistaken, you really do not need another router and firewall in this setup.  Isn't the ZTE doing all that for you already?


If the above suggestion is not to your liking, perhaps another thing to look at are the logs on the FreeBSD system.  Any UNIX-type system application/functions I have worked with usually have logging functions associated with them.  These logging functions may need to be turned on, or they may work by default, with the ability to change the amount of logging that occurs.  I do not know where the logs for pfSense are to be found, as I have not used that program.  But check it out, and see what the logs can do for you and what they can tell you.  Usually on firewall/router programs they will tell what was allowed through and what was disallowed/blocked due to various settings and parameters in place.


Also, another approach is to connect one of your PC's directly to the ZTE, and then you can check out what the ZTE allows through, and what it blocks.  If you get things to work directly to the ZTE, then you will know that certain things are being blocked at the FreeBSD box.




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Re: ZTE MF28B with external router

Glad you got it working somewhat.  I am assuming you are using two NICs in the router/pc to accomplish this (one NIC going out to the ZTE and one NIC going out towards your LAN)


Make sure there's no conflicts.  


ie. the ZTE has an ip address of, your 'router/pc' connects to as 192.168.0.xxx (static IP) on NIC 1.  Since the router/pc now handles the DHCP make sure it's LAN side IP is and it hands out addresses in the - 192.168.1.xxx range (or whatever private IP range you choose) on NIC 2.


Also, try flushing the DNS on your 'router/pc' and/or pointing it to look a DNS service such as Google's ( and I believe) instead of roger's DNS service (I personally use OpenDNS servers).


Drop into the cmd prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns to perform the former.




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ZTE MF28B with DVR or WAN 8080 monitoring

Thanks  GOLD guys  for the explaining some stupid  hiden menu of  ZTE MF28 B 

like need to disable WI-FI

need to disconect from current Rogers wireless connection in order to make changes to ZTE menu


I called to rogers support  2-3 times before . I also call today

NICE rogers want extra $$$

tech support told that i have to pay $$ for my questions and offered to switch me to this paid  department. How much i asked? small fees like 15$. Then i decided to add Public IP as looks

like 24 .XXX.24.XXX  will be never accessable from internet and lady at this department told that her system DOWN with

my promise to call my cell totally ignored


I try to configure DVR( security cameras monitoring) this  DVR device has a ddns service supported and  with regular settings at ZTE It able to update my rogers  IP ( not sure what is it public or private address like 24.xxx.24.xx)

It also can suport  NEST internet thermostat and I am able to control thermostat

But I can not login to

1  my DVR interface which IP I moved to DMZ of ZTE

2   Second issue where is an option to anable the  ZTE WAN 8080 port control


I did it but can not access it

or ping my 24.xx.24.xx address


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Re: ZTE MF28B with external router

I have been trying to do some research on the MF28B as well.


I have been able to find this manual online for the MF29 which looks like a variant of the MF28B (which I believe is specific to Rogers). It at least explains what Bridge Mode and Cable Broadband and 4G/LTE Gateway modes are.


Hope this helps some of you. I am thinking of getting a MF28B to use with an external router (Apple Time Capsule)







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Re: ZTE MF28B with external router



thanks for posting this link.  Although I don't have the MF28B myself (I have a perfectly adequate Ericsson W35) I have been following the MF28B discussion here with interest.  You never know when I might need to "upgrade".


It is interesting to note that (in contrast to the MF28B) the MF29 does include an external antenna connection.  In addition, it appears also to have voice telephone capabilities, using VoIP, and SMS over IP, but only if an LTE connection is available.  If 3G access is all you can get, that would not be available.