Z30 vs 5S

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Z30 vs 5S

Seriously, compare the spec of a 5S to a Z30.

I'll give you a hint - not a single spec that Apple has isn't at least one generation behind the Blackberry Z30 (please stop laughing and actually look - you will see what I mean. I don’t blame you for thinking differently – Apple owns the media and people’s minds)


Z30 VS IPhone


Screen - bigger, higher resolution, modern AMOLED (not old LCD)

stereo speakers / quad microphones

faster processor

faster web browsing

Upgradeable memory

HDMI / USB (not "special")

larger and longer lasting battery (actually double the size)

Smoother and easier to use (single thumb)

better cameras / video (same in the back but better front resolution) - F2.2 is better than F2.4 in low light if you want to be more technical

case won't crack, chip, or break (and the screen is less likely to crack – If you have an IPhone I’ll drop by Z10 beside yours on cement @ 6’ – I know you won’t agree but I am confident with my phone)

Has Near Field Communications (the next big thing) but not Apple!


People have to do their own research and stop listening to the media

Steve Jobs is gone and BB is down as much as it can go in the media

 BB was the top and Apple was at the bottom only 5 years ago. Things can switch pretty quickly


Rogers - what the heck are you thinking not bringing in the Z30?!!!!  And you want Canadians to stop the US company from coming in - lol - good luck now.  You realize how much negative press you are getting for not having the Z30?


PS I am just a proud Cdn with a Z10 on Rogers waiting for the Z30  - just bought 2000 or so stocks in BB but that's my only connection


PS I downloaded by NFC CIBC Visa thingee on my Z10 - it's too cool to use your phone to buy stuff but not APPLE!.


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I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Z30 vs 5S

I've seen you post this on other sites and I'm really starting to like you. 😉



Thanks for sharing this info with us and keep up the good work!  🙂

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Re: Z30 vs 5S

Thanks for the comparision information.