Z10 with BES?

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Z10 with BES?


I loved Blackberry always, especially on the security features., for the last almost 5 years.  I can't complain about most of the Blackberry devices.  I am using a Bold9900 with BES.  Is it possible to use BES activities on Z10, or should I wait for Q10?



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Re: Z10 with BES?

Hello nnamboodiri

Yes the Z10 is compatible with BES 10. It always has been. Both the Z10 & Q10 are able to access BES 10.

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Re: Z10 with BES?

Hi Nnamboodiri


I am going through the whole BES update process currently, so i can shed a little more detailed light on it.


Currently on your bold, you would be going through a BES 5 likely (you could be on an older 4.x possibly, but we will use 5 for the sake of this explantion).


Currently, your emai if exchange or lotus notes, would be going through the BES5, out to your BB9900.

Now, with the BB10, either model, its a little different.


You can not administer any security features through BES5 for a BB10.  You require to install BES10 for this.  This incudes a few components including BDS for blackberry devices, which is what does the security administration for the BB10.
Now, if the environment, will have a mixture of devices (both BB10 and older blackberries) you CAN NOT just run BES10, by itself it can not administer older devices.  BUT if you keep your BES5 install, and install BES10 as well, the BES10 can then do the administration for BOTH from the one interface.


The only other part with the BB10, is email as well.  Email, no longer goes through the BES directly itself (there is an aspect for security, but its no longer the BES fully pushing it out like before).  You need to have ACTIVESYNC set up on your exchange/notes invironment, to be able to sync the email, etc to the blackberry.


Hopefuly that all makes sense.. please reply if you have any more questions. 

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