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Z10 Locked APN

I've Been Around

Stay away from the Blackbery Z10 if you need to use a prepaid SIM or want to use use a local SIM when traveling. The Blackbery OS10 will lock the APN and you wion't have data. Voice and text seem to work okay.

Buy the Z10 if you are on the monthy plan or will not be traveling with the phone or you don't care about data.

If you travel a lot and want to switch SIMs then I would recommend the Samsung or Apple phones


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Re: Z10 Locked APN

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Did you have your Blackberry Z10 unlocked? Even if you did data roaming problem might be hardware related, something like unsupported band frequency or unsupported encryption. Which countlry did you have problem with?

Re: Z10 Locked APN

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Hello TeDD13

It does not matter if the phone is unlocked. Many on Crackberry & Blackberry forums are outraged at the fact the APN settings is locked so even if you unlock it, it may not let you add a new one.

Re: Z10 Locked APN

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OS 10.1 update is much better about letting you change the APN on SIM's that allow it. IE. Rogers and Telus do not let you change it, but ROAM mobility does. SaskTel SIM also lets you change it when unlocked.

Re: Z10 Locked APN

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Hello Nezgar

That is correct. Rogers / Bell & Telus do NOT let customers change their APNs as its locked. Carriers in the states do this as well. The smaller carriers do not really care & have it unlocked for customers to change the APN settings.
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