Your Android 2.1 Experience

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

if you export your contacts to google you will never need to backup/restore them ever again.  Smiley Tongue  as long as you dont go back to a non-smart phone that is.  i exported my contacts to google off my iphone and they just appeared in my x10 when i signed in to my gmail account with the x10.  its that easy 🙂

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

Well, I installed the update this morning and I've been playing with the phone since. 


The battery life, I guess it's better because I haven't run out of battery yet and I've been using the phone all morning!


Now there's Skype, I couldn't use it before with Android 1.6


I don't like that the auto brightness function is not there anymore.


At first it was a little slow but then it picked up and now it's running fine.


The font size for the phone book and in general is too big for my liking.


You pretty much have to configure all the settings after the update.  It's like you just took the phone out of the box. 


Some things on the keyboard are in different places now, I guess it'll take some getting used to.


The live wallpapers are kind of neat!


That's what I've seen so far.  I haven't used 3G, I'm connected to my wireless router. 


In general seems to work fine.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

Finally installed the update.


Eveyrthing that everyone has said so far applies.  Live wallpapers are definately neat.  Phone was slow at first but now great.  I also lost all my apps, but that's alright because I planned on redoing them all anyway.  Haven't tired recording HD video yet.  Seems quicker now.  Haven't played with it enough yet to comment on battery life or anything else substantial I suppose. 


the only thing i'd like to change would be at the Lock screen, it says at the top "This phone belongs to ROGERS".  it's doesnt.  it belongs to me.  If anyone knows how to change that, their comments would be appreciated.

Also, it says this phone is protected by antivirus.  Is there a native antivirus built into 2.1 now or am I missing something?


Otherwise happy to have the update, but as already said in a previous thread, lets not let SE off the hook yet.  We still want 16M colour and Flash support (MT is obviously out of the question.)

I've Been Around
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Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

So.. I've updated the phone... Here's my first thoughts...


1- Battery life... I've been on it for 4 hours and I went from 60% to 58%... 4 hours and 2% I think it's better than what it use to be 🙂

2- 720P HD camera... yes I tested it out. The video on it is much better than before...

3- Finally 5 home screens... more options, more options. I'm always a fan...

4- Finally updates through facebook and my contacts all have pictures now! instead of the annoying blank pictures.

5- The touch screen and keyboard are improved ALOT.


So far, so good... I like the update and I've used droid 2.2 as well, and itself is a little better... but for the X10 I think 2.1 is as far as they're going. Good update... Good update! I'm happy.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

why does the phone use so much data I have everything turned off and I still use data what gives

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 63

Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

the acer liquid has the 2.2 update available now
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

I installed my 2.1 update yesterday.  It took about 2 hours, but the internet connection at my office is notoriously slow.


Lots of small-ish changes throughout the O/S, but nothing that is what I would call a 'Wow' factor.  I'm not sure how much of this is Android 2.1 vs. SonyEricsson updates.  There's definitely nothing 2.2 about this update (as SE intimated) -- it's all 2.1.  Some of the things I've found so far...

  1. Auto-brightness setting for screen backlight no longer with the Screen Brightness in Settings
  2. New slide to unlock screen standard (slide along bottom; no more swoop)
  3. Phone charges while powered off (with display similar to iPod)
  4. PC Companion software still wants you to mount the SD card
  5. More settings in Settings for Audio:
  6. New lock screen with larger time, date, and battery status
  7. Notification/Status bar now supports ‘H’ connection icon
  8. New Youtube widget showing most viewed – active
  9. New communications switches widget – screen brightness added, volume removed
  10.  5 start screens, instead of 3
  11. New app – Creatouch, Google Latitude, Google Maps Navigation, Places
  12. New splash screen on startup
  13. I’m not sure backup and restore provided by Sony is working.  I seem to have lost all my contacts and the applications I downloaded from the Market.
  14. GPS radio seems more sensitive now – can get a lock inside my office building – not able to before (need to check if AGPS is on).
  15. Doesn’t appear the User Guide was updated to 2.1, since it still only shows 3 home screens, etc.
  16. Still no native Outlook Exchange account support – need to work through Moxier Sync – according to Wikipedia, need Android 2.2 for this to be native
  17. Text in notifications bar (at top) seems a bit larger

   18. Battery charging from USB seems a lot slower (over 7 hours from 10% to 73%) 

   19. Youtube client no longer shows 'Most Recent'


As noted above, SE's backup/restore will not work with 'synced' contacts, so you'll need to retrieve those from your server (Google, Exchange, etc).

Also, apps from the Market are not retrievable until AFTER you reconnect with the Marketplace (using your gmail account).

I'm still playing with this, but overall the experience is fairly positive. I wish, though, that it was a 2.2 or 2.3 upgrade.  2.1 is so old now...



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 12

Re: Your Android 2.1 Experience

well everyone knows about all the little changes but i would just like to say that the battery life of mine has gone through the roof!!!! i dont know if maby i had a older version of the firmware from 1.6 or something but i used to have to charge it twice a day and now i can make it through a full day of heavy usage and be nearing 25% at 10PM.

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