Yahoo Webmail: Corrupting Attachments!

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Yahoo Webmail: Corrupting Attachments!

Over the past few days, Yahoo Mail no longer displays recently recieved .JPG attachments. When you click on the downloaded image, you get:


   "Sorry, we are unable to display this attachment"


When I then download the image from Yahoo Mail, the JPG image is corrupted, and attempts to view it are met with error messages:


  "Can't read file header!"


  "Unknown file format or file not found!"


This is really bad news, when the downloaded file is also corrupted!! The problem seems to be orginating with the new  severely defective Yahoo Web Mail program.


Anything NOT downloaded from Yahoo Web Mail seems to be working just fine: Agent Forte 1.93 and Windows Live Mail still handles these files in the normal fashion.



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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Yahoo Webmail: Corrupting Attachments!

I just sent one from my work email (lotus live server run by IBM), to my rogers with 2 picture attachments


Both displayed correctly, and was able to download OK.

Which browser were you working? perhaps related that way.. i am using IE11

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 30

Re: Yahoo Webmail: Corrupting Attachments!

1. I am using IE9 on Win7-64; but it doesn't make any difference on my IE11 laptop.


2. Sent myself a jpg:


   a. no thumbnail,


   b. clicking on blank thumbnail provided me with the "Sorry, we are unable to display this attachment"


   c. "Save to my Computer" option now seems to be working without corrupting the file.


3. IE version does not seem to be the problem. The very same thing happens on my HP laptop with with 8.1 IE 11


4. Tried the same thing on my wife's computer which is registered to a different email account, and she is not experiencing any the problems I have experienced, using my account.


5. So . . . the glitch would seem to be isolated to MY account.


6. After sending a failed test jpg to my account, 20 minutes later I repeated the procedure, sending the same jpg to both of our accounts, and both accounts now display normal thumbnails in the traditional fashion, with full rendition upon clicking on the thumbnail.


Let's hope that the problem is being actively addressed; and the current problems are merely a momentary glitch.