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I am unable to access my rogers email account.  I keep getting the sign in window.  Despite how many times I enter the correct email address and password, the sign in window reloads.  I know I am entering the correct information #1 because I know what my email address and password are, and #2 because when the sign in window reloads, it does not indicate I have entered anything incorrectly.  It just reloads as if I had come to the window for the first time. 


I have had this problem before, and usually after closing and reloading the tab a few times, or closing and reloading my browser a few time, I am able to FINALLY get in.  But today, I have tried closing and reloading my tab and my browser - and even downloaded FireFox to see if the Internet Explorer is the problem!  (it is not)  The Yahoo help option is useless because it wants me to identify information I have not supplied yahoo (ie. a security question and answer) because I did not open a Yahoo email account ... Rogers started using Yahoo without my input.  Ultimately, this is Rogers' problem because it is for Rogers to ensure I am able to access my Rogers email.  Please help me. 



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Resident Expert
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Rogers has been using yahoo for.. well probably 10 years almost now.. for their web interface.

That does seem like an odd issue... that you have tried another browser, is good, at least rules out just a browser issue.


Only thing i can think to try now.. JUST to see if a reset might kickstart something.. if you call rogers, i beleive they can do a force reset on the  password on the account.