Xperia X10 - Yellow Screen Tint

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Xperia X10 - Yellow Screen Tint

Just noticed today that the left side of the screen and especially the bottom of the screen on my X10 have a yellowish tint when viewing light-coloured backgrounds (especially white). This wasn't the case before, and it seems to affect about the 7-10mm from the edge of the screen.


Anyone else have this? How should I go about getting it serviced/replaced if it is an issue?


I bought this phone on April 14th.


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I've Been Around
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Re: Xperia X10 - Yellow Screen Tint

I've noticed this too! Have you tried talking to rogers about it yet?

I'm a Senior Contributor
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Re: Xperia X10 - Yellow Screen Tint

I would suggest calling into technical support and explaining your issue. They should be able to deem it defective and issue a replacement phone.
Retired Moderator RogersJean
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Re: Xperia X10 - Yellow Screen Tint

I agree with James. Our tech support can be reached at 1866-931-3282


This sounds like a physical defect with the screen. A repair can also be attempted using the Sony Ericsson PC software, this will not fix the issue if it is physical damage though.


If anyone is curious about how to go about doing a repair on their X10 (which does help with a lot of issues), make a new topic and I will post a step by step guide with pictures.


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