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Xi6 box ethernet connection

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi all,

I have one of my boxes with a wired connection but as I can tell from my switch indicator lights it's only regristrating as a 100mb connection. I would imagine these boxes would have had a gigabit port? Another box is using wifi and actually has a faster connection speed despite not being hardwired. I'm I missing something? Using cat 6 cables



Re: Xi6 box ethernet connection

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You won't need any mire than that. Streaming 1080 will only pull 7 or 8 meg. UHD will pull 20 to 25 net. 


100 mg connection is more than adequate. They are only streaming. 

Re: Xi6 box ethernet connection

I've Been Here Awhile
True. I guess more of a principal thing, I don't like my wifi being faster than the wired connection. Still find it odd as I searched the box online and it does say it's a gigabit port but maybe Rogers reduced it to 100. But like you said doesn't matter, for now...

Re: Xi6 box ethernet connection

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Resident Expert

Is it possible the Ethernet card in the computer is the limit at 100 mbps?

Re: Xi6 box ethernet connection

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Old thread, but thought I'd confirm that these boxes connect only at 100mb, not gigabit.


I'm using switches with 100/1000 indicators, and all Xi6 connections are 100mb, while others on the switch may indicate gigabit, if available.


Just wanted to post in case someone is pulling their hair out troubleshooting their LAN.    Also, as mentioned, 100mb should be fine anyway, although I'd agree I would expect gigabit these days.

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