Xbox Anyplace TV Content Change?

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Xbox Anyplace TV Content Change?

I have been running the Anyplace TV app for quite some time on my xbox.  Though the content has not been incredible, I can't expect much as I am a wireless only subscriber  My goal was only to give me an alternative to watching freely available network shows on my xbox instead of on my laptop.


All was well until this week.  It would appear that the conent available on the Xbox version of the app has been slashed.  Hardly anything worth watching available - Global has one show for example : 16x9. 


It used to be a reliable source for back episodes of Community, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock etc. but it woudl appear no longer.


I have contacted their support and they have advised me that ther has not been any changes... clearly not the case.


I suspect some type of licnesing change?


Anyone else experiencing similiar issues or have an explanation?


Back to XBMC's Canada on Demand I guess!




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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Xbox Anyplace TV Content Change?

Same problem here. Any follow up? How's the xbmc content?
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Xbox Anyplace TV Content Change?

Xmbc, and similar off spins (I use plex myself) are not bad but tend to only be able to pull the content available on whatever stations it is, that they have to view online.