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X1 IPTV service

I Plan to Stick Around

Last year Rogers announced that it will be using the American IPTV platform X1.  Does this affect any of the current cable television customers?  Will current customers automatically be updated to this new platform or will this be in addition to the current cable service?



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Re: X1 IPTV service

I Plan to Stick Around

How can I become a Beta Tester for the new Ignite/IPTV that Rogers is bringing out?



I love TV and Technology, I'm not an employee of Rogers just a regular customer is there any chance I can be a beta tester? If so how? I imagine they will allow customer to beta test as well as they get closer to official launch.


If this is possible pls let me know and I can provide my info.



Re: X1 IPTV service

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I would love to do that also, but I don't think Rogers has ever done Beta Testing with customers for the TV side.

Re: X1 IPTV service

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Rogers has announced that early this year they will be doing a "soft launch" of select customers (no statement of who that could be) along with the engineers who are currently working on testing in their homes, after completing the testing by engineers inside the Rogers network environment. (closed network envirnoment).


It is true that as far as I am aware, Rogers has never done beta testing per se by the definition of a beta test - a soft launch is putting out what is believed to be a customer ready product and getting feedback.  Researching the term, it is primarily a chance to see if the customer will accept the model and assists with developing marketing for the product.


A hard launch is what was done with Navigatr, which is to put it out on a place by place or location rollout, but all customers got the inside tested product and we all know the result of that.


Intended features can be seen in the announcement in the 3rd quarter financial reports from last year, and a post here on the forums (not sure where, just search comcast it should show up).


You can also look to Cox communications, Xfinity in the states and Shaw, Rogers, and Quebec's videotron are all reported to be moving to Comcast - Xfinity has the product fully in place except there are some issues holding back some features reported on their forums.  You can look to all of these companies product lines, announcements, and forums to learn more about where they are going - Rogers timeline is very similiar with the USA being ahead, and Xfinity which is Comcast anyway having the most complete implementation.



Re: X1 IPTV service

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I too don't think Rogers does Beta testing with the general public, however They do testing with employees. They have different levels of testing, one of the most popular is Operation Readiness Test (ORT) where select employees will get to test products that are consumer ready however they do not have pricing finalized so the employees will test these products at possibly no cost to them. Trust me, I have been in different phases of testing with many companies, you do NOT want to be a beta tester, there will be pleanty of bugs which may render your device unwatchable at times, and its also your job to track them and report them and a lot of people don't want to be bothered by that.  Beta Testing is a full time job, its not something you should do after a long day at work and come home and turn on the tv hoping to watch your favourite show and lounging on the couch, its not meant for that.

Re: X1 IPTV service

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In the past it appears that Rogers has often not done enough beta testing.  I was an early adopter of the Hitron CGN3 internet gateway and that device had some obvious, serious, bugs on its early firmware releases.  So bad that you had to do a power reset every few days - it would have been impossible for Rogers not to have known about these bugs.  I believe the same is true with some of the Rogers STBs as well - they had glaring bugs even after shipping.  Hopefully that is not the case with the IPTV service.


A further question on IPTV - will it coexist for a few years with traditional cable or will Rogers be converting everyone within the next year or two?  If they convert everyone then that means that all of their STBs have to be replaced, does it not?