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X1 IPTV service

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Last year Rogers announced that it will be using the American IPTV platform X1.  Does this affect any of the current cable television customers?  Will current customers automatically be updated to this new platform or will this be in addition to the current cable service?



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Re: X1 IPTV service

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Hello @536

That is correct. You can't use existing cable boxes ( was just told this last night). The software and boxes are made by someone else ( Not Technicolour).

There will be more information coming next year :).

Re: X1 IPTV service

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Theoretically, the Nextbox 3 (Cisco/Espial) as well as the Nextbox 4 (Technicolor) can both run IPTV, so a software build of whatever is going to run with Comcast can be done if they choose to keep old inventory in place, but for sure, forcing everyone over to the new boxes, with rental or purchase would help their currently struggling device sales (September quarterly report).


It is in the same way, that we are on Hitron with huge investment on those routers, which are not actually included in the list of currently supported Comcast modems (they prefer Arris, which bought out Motorola in 2003).


So at this point, it is all guessing, we will know when it comes or they make the announcement.


Rogers has certainly been known to push new software to older set boxes hoping that they can be fully operational whether it be Scientific Atalanta (SA), Cisco Nextbox, or now the Technicolor and in the east, Motorola - It is all hardware - just depends upon whether it is compatible with the full Comcast model of Internet, Docsis 3.1, routers, Internet apps and set boxes.


At this point, that information is all on a need to know I am sure and being kept tight as a drum.


Lots of curiousity by us all, but we just have to wait, but one thing for sure that I see - once it comes, and if the 2019 end to non IPTV services (i.e., traditional QAM cable), it puts all the services in Canada on a level playing field, and it will all be feature sets, stability, pricing and customer service that will determine who goes where.


Unfortunately, I have no doubt that companies will stick with proprietary control on what boxes can be used that you can't buy one box and go to another company - they talked about that in the industry and FCC in the States, and it died, it will only come here if CRTC makes it happen and they have had no interest in it in the past either.


Ahh - surprise boxes of what our services will look like in the future.



Re: X1 IPTV service

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I noted in one of my posts on the Internet forum that Rogers was advertising that their integration of the X1 platform will be using a "solid state wireless set top box" which also enables the feature of "cloud DVR". A picture is included of what it looks like below from the  Q3 2017 financial report:





The size of the new box is very small, so it is safe to assume that the new service will require the customer to have Rogers Internet (hence IPTV). Apart from that, they are targeting for a soft commercial launch of the platform in early 2018. The company is also using its employees to test the new platform starting this month as reported by an article here:



Re: X1 IPTV service

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Hello @RyzenFX

Yes all that is correct. I know one employee which has one and is testing it ( seen it my self and used it with him). It's a great little box. A lot of software being pushed out since it's still a beta version so we shall see.

Re: X1 IPTV service

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Go to the support section on this website, and search for "Ignite TV" for a quick sneak peek at what the IPTV offering will be able to do.