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X1 IPTV service

I Plan to Stick Around

Last year Rogers announced that it will be using the American IPTV platform X1.  Does this affect any of the current cable television customers?  Will current customers automatically be updated to this new platform or will this be in addition to the current cable service?



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Re: X1 IPTV service

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Hello @RJ_74

Yeah seen all that months ago ( source within Rogers). No YouTube at this time. Seems like that may be a deal breaker for some but not all.

For me it's about the pricing. If the pricing is $200 for those three ( speeds for the Internet should be higher not lower) and home phone not many use and why? Because all u get is spam calls 24/7. So that right there will make many not get it.

If they added Gigabyte Internet, Ignite TV and Smart Home let's say, it may end up being a better bundle.

Pricing is where it's at.

Re: X1 IPTV service

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey @Meowmix


Yeah, I hear you... Pricing is crucial... it's already too expensive.... Plus they should just let you choose TV and internet only... 


Do you know if its available without WIFI ?   as the wifi is never reliable in my house.. Plus I always prefer hardwired devices.


Wonder if they are ever going to properly fix this Navigatr.. It's been a nightmare since they launched it....wish they would go back to old design.




Re: X1 IPTV service

I'm an Advisor

They're marketing it as a premium product so the price is high, however with all the cord cutters this could turn out to be a bad idea. I thought they would do the opposite, offer it for an introductory low price to build a user base and let people experience it, then gradually raise the price once they have a large user base. 


I feel like the decisions made don't make sense for the current market.

1) People don't want/need home phone anymore, we all have cell phones.

2) Not choosing to include Gigabit or 500mb/s internet on a premium product. 

3) The high price... people are cutting the cord 


The market for the premium IPTV would be tech savvy people, people who understand the technical benefits, not your average customers. Average customers would be content staying on QAM/Nextbox.  The tech savvy clientele market is most likely on the fence about cutting the cord, so once they see how expensive this product is I doubt they would recommend it to the less technical friends/family.


I really think Rogers management missed the mark on this, they're making decisions based on a market from a few years ago... back when cable tv was a big part of peoples lives. 

Re: X1 IPTV service

I Plan to Stick Around

Had a rogers Rep contact me today about IPTV service.

Seems like it is a bundle thing where it’s all or nothing. To match my current stuff of Gig + Popular + 2 additional IPTV boxes it was over $200+taxes

Good conversation with the guy on the features and plans for the service but he informed me flat out that there are 0 discounts available for the service today (He said that may change at any point which is always the case).

I politely declined and told him if anything changes on the pricing to give me a call back but it didn’t really make financial sense.

Re: X1 IPTV service

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey @Hybrid_Noodle


Just want to clarify do they still offer the 3 packages (Select, Popular & Premier) being offered at the moment with the current digital TV ?


What about if you want TMN/HBO etc ?  Still $20 ?


What's the minimum Internet speed required ?


Looks like they uploaded a new video on June 4th