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Worry-free data management

I've been around
  • what is Worry-free data management option, recently appeared in my account.


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Re: Worry-free data management

I've been here awhile

Shock Free Data Should Be On All Plans


Hi, There should be a way to turn data off when you've reached your data limit. I know Rogers has something like this for the Share-Everything Plans. Every Rogers' plan should have this. This way customers do not have unexpected costs. Thank you.

Re: Worry-free data management

Limiting Data - Worry-Free Data Feature


Just spent 15 minutes on the phone with technical support who have informed me that there is no way to set a hard-cap data limit for any phone line on my share everything plan? This seems a bit ridiculous as I do not need a notification when someone goes over their limit; I need the data throttled when they do.


If the limit cannot be set then there is no way to protect yourself from all shared users binge-watching Netflix until your account reaches zero data...this could all happen while I am asleep notifications or not.


Am I missing a function here? Most companies have this feature built right in on the website or in the app...



Re: Worry-free data management

Good afternoon @Drowphone!


Welcome to our Community!


We hear you loud and clear on the desire for such a feature. Thank you for your feedback. 


In the meantime, do we have any Community members that may be aware of an alternate solution or workaround that would allow someone to set a limit? If so, please share with this customer!






Re: Worry-free data management

Hey @Drowphone, I have been using the MyRogers data manager for my share everything lines. I have 10 GB for 4 lines, and I have set 2 GB alert on each line, this way, if a line gets to 2 GB and I get alerted, I  have the option at that time to either let them use the data or just completely shut the data off on that line, until my data resets on the next cycle. I find the data manager option is very helpful. Give it a shot and hopefully this will work for you. Here is a link below for the data manager.

Re: Worry-free data management

Data management on non share plans


I tried to switch my dad from a prepaid Rogers plan to Chatr yesterday, but the Rogers store offered him a 2 GB post paid plan with Rogers. So we signed him up.
I'm trying now to set alerts and data cap on MyRogers website so he doesn't go over 2GB, but that option is not there. I chatted with live chat, and they said we don't have a share plan and data management is only available on those plans. Like why? Just to make us go over the data limit? I set alerts and cap on his phone, so hopefully that works, but this is just pure greed.

Does anyone know if the Fido migration plan is similar to this plan, or do they offer more data controls even on cheaper plans?


Re: Worry-free data management

Hello @zaptor99,


A postpaid plan definitely has more value in comparison to a prepaid plan. I would be best able to answer you question once I review the plan your dad is currently on. If you want us to take a look into this for you please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps.


Additionally you can monitor the data usage (Delayed up to 12 hours) on MyRogers via the app or the browser to ensure the user doesn't go over the allotted data. Most of our wireless postpaid customers (including non-share plans) also get automatic text alerts from Rogers when they reach 90% of their shared data.


Considering this is a recent plan change I would recommend you to keep an eye on the usage trends for the first couple of months to determine if this is a plan that best suits the user's needs.






Re: Worry-free data management

Great, Rogers has a feature that lets users of "Share Everything" plans set data alerts. How do I set them for my plans that aren't Share Everything?

Re: Worry-free data management

Hello, @letsgoridebikez


Thank you for posting your concern in our Community!


Being able to effectively manage your data is important to ensure you avoid data overages. If you are on a non-shared plan then the options are a bit limited in terms of the data manager feature available through the app/website. Depending on your device you may have data management features built into the OS that can also set alerts once it reaches certain limits.


What type of device are you using? Once we know the device type and OS, the Community can provide you with some options.


We look forward to your response.



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