Wireless phone problems

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Wireless phone problems

I got an LG-E400R cell phone from your kiosk in a Brantford mall on Nov. 1 and have not been able to use this phone yet! I went back to the "store" where I got it to find out how to use the phone and what apps I was permitted to use on the $30.00/mth pay-as-you-go plan I chose. The girl told me she didn't know how to use it or anything about what I could for couldn't do and so I was told to go to the Roger's phone store in town. I went there at 9:35 a.m. and even though the sign said the store was open from 9 there was no one there. 

I have called your office for help and I have gone to every site you have that I thought could possibly help me and I have gotten nowhere. I got this phone because of my medical problems and the security I thought I would have knowing if I ever needed to call for help I would be able to no matter where I was.

At this point in time my pre-paid time remaining is less than $8.00 and yet I have not been able to receive any calls or texts, or even enter "My5" into the phone because I have no instruction manual and no way to get either one of those or some help from your company. 

I have found that in the past year or so Roger's service has become worse and worse every month but your prices continue to rise with less customer satisfaction.

If you could do something to help me with this matter it could go a long way in showing me that your company actually does care about their customers. 


                                                            Thank you



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Re: Wireless phone problems

you should complain to the girls manager and submit a request to have her potentially coached by her manager.  im shocked that a girl can work at a cellphone store and not be able to answer your questions about a phones apps.   She works in the cellular retail business, if someone wants to work in this business they should take their job a little more seriously.  I dont work in cellular retail but if i did, i would bend over backwards to please my customer.  you should also complain about the open time of the store, as having a store open at 9 and no one there is also highly unacceptable in business.  these are retail locations and they need to conform to their operating hours, i would not take this lightly, please reachout to the owner and area manager and file a complaint, this practice is unacceptible, and who knows how long its been going on at these locatons.

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Re: Wireless phone problems

The reps here are not experts on every device either.. as they cover a wide range of stuff.. but not specifics in any one area.

I do agree with Pauly on complaining both to the booth and the store itself.

But onto trying to help!



That is a basic user guide for the phone.. not sure if you have access to it or not yet.  Wont help with everything, but might help finding some things. (basic stuff like where buttons/menus are , etc).


As for not receiving calls/texts, etc.. something tells me that it may not have been set up properly at all (problem with those 3rd party kiosks).  Possibly to rectify this, you would have to go to a full store, or call in.. but going to a store, they SHOULD be able to help with the phone physicaly, vs over the phone, they are limited obviously on you doing alot.


Now, that phone uses the ANDRIOD Os.. not sure which version it comes loaded with though 😞

As for which apps.. technicaly there should be no limit on apps, etc (other than ones that wont work on that OS/Phone).. but the only limit may be, what sort of data plan you have, if any (you only mentioned $30, not which plan you have).  If you dont have a data plan, you should still be able to load apps, if you can connec the phone to either your own or someone elses wifi connection in their home/business.

Apps are available through the Google Play store (if its an older android OS may still list as the android store?)

Some apps use data, some dont, etc.. you would have to look at each one to see.

Once you get the apps up and going, you can download a  rogers one, to manage your my5.  Alternatively, you can call in and they can manage this over the phone for you.. or you can do it through the website here with your myrogers login.


Any other questions, please do feel free to ask.. myself or some of the others, may be able to help. I am not an expert on that phone, but do have a broad knoledge.