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Wireless Plans & Pricing

I've Been Here Awhile

Does anyone else have a problem with the outrageous prices charged for wireless plans? Many hands f us cannot afford to have data on our cells because the prices start at $90 a mth. It is just not practical. There has to be a way for them to lower their prices so everyone can afford it.


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Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Hello @aj_12,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post. 


I appreciate your query, our current  in-market 10GB plan is $155, I believe the price quoted to you on both occasions was part of our promotional offers. We do offer limited time offers that do come with an expiration date.


Thank you for understanding!






Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I Plan to Stick Around

Why does it feel like we are regressing with regards to data plans?


So I am coming to the end of my contract.  Looking at changing phones.  Currently pay around $110/month for a shared plan, with 7GB of data and unlimited canada wide talk etc.  When I go through and look at the plans now being offered for my upgrade, they are way more expensive!


For example, its 100 a month for only 1GB of data? How can Rogers be seemingly going backwards with the data they are offering?  Cell phone users are consuming more and more data and it is absolutely laughable that there are plans for only 1GB of data.  Or I need to pay almost 200 a month for 10GB.  Also, the second line prices have gone up as well.  It is now almost 80 a month for the second line.  Then you add voicemail, apple care and all that.


Anyways, just wanted to rant and see what kinda silly excuse rogers will come up with to justify these prices!  



Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

These past few months I've missed deals offered, I own my phone outright and don't see why I'm to call, ask for the loyalty department and try to negotiate a better monthly price for my cell phone, which may or may not happen. With last weekends deals it was impossible to get through via phone, does loyalty not get rewarded automatically? Why am I consistently paying high prices and the onus is on me to chase down a better deal when I can shop other providers?

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Good afternoon and welcome to the Community @missy_esp,


We certainly appreciate long term customers such as yourself. I know the wait times have been less than ideal due to the overwhelming response to our wireless offers. If you would like to discuss options for your account please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we can assist you further.


Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.





Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I Plan to Stick Around

Suggestions for holding a number


Hi everyone,


So here's my situation in a nutshell. I'm looking for that most cost efficient solution:


- Been with Rogers for over 20 years

- I have a personal phone/number associated to the original 6GB plan costing me roughly $65/month

- I have a work phone in which my personal phone forwards its text and calls to

- There has been zero usage on my personal phone for over 5 years


Is there a plan at Rogers that I can downgrade to without losing the number but still able to forward text/calls to another number that doesn't cost me $65/month ($780/year)? I don't care about losing the plan at this point.


What else am I losing by downgrading? Or should I just stay with it, and let my company absorb my personal number?



Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I'm a Senior Advisor

To answer the question, you need to first review the number of local and long distance calls that are being charged against your current plan of your phone that you use strictly for forwarding.


Based upon that, there are non-share plans that start at 25.00 per month but don't cover long distance.  Then if I were you, I would call Rogers or chat with them and describe the minutes per month you are after and what they can offer to you.  If you choose a Rogers phone plan, you will keep your number, just change plans.  If you decide on another company, which is also an option, then you set up that plan and ask them to port and cancel your Rogers plan for that number.


You may even want to consider a pay as you go plan of some type, but certainly you can come in cheaper than 65.00 per month and meet your needs.


Good luck, let us know how it goes.



Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello Bruce,


Thank you for the write-up. I did do a quick review of my usage over the last few months. Effectively, there is zero data usage and no call information. It is forwarding to another local number. 


I did call Rogers and spend nearly an hour on the phone with the agent. She tried to be as helpful as possible but the offerings and plans simply didn't make any sense to me. She tried to push the ShareEverything plans because my company provides us with 30% discounts (still too expensive). She offered a $40 non-share plan that had talk and text but no data (best option so far). But overall, I wouldn't be reducing my bill very much. I was hoping for something around the $20 mark so I'll look on the Rogers site and some of the Pay As You Go plans as well.


A co-worker gave me an idea that I could also port my number over to a VOIP service like Fongo or altogether and then port it back to Rogers one day if needed. Basically I still need to do some research.


At any rate, anything has to be better than paying $780 a year for a telephone number. I'm not even 100% certain if I should be very hung up on a telephone number in the first place considering that everything nowadays is associated to instant messaging/email/Internet. Unlike in past decades, a telephone number isn't even memorized -- or represents you.


Thanks again Bruce.

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@tolwyn21 : You may or may not be charged for calls forwarded in a PAYGo plan. I never had to do it myself, but I believe I inquired about this when I started my $10/mo PAYGo plan 9 years ago and was advised that the time for forwarding is charged in the same way as if it were a call. For example, 3 minutes of forwarding would be charged for 3 minutes.  However, the plan I have is no longer available and new plans have a certain number of free minutes.  You may wish to ask your PAYGo questions in the PAYGo forum, as there are a few experts who monitor it.


When I started, I believe there was only one PAYGo option. There are now many - see link below:


As you say though, why spend hundreds of $ per year for simply a number...  These days people change/delete numbers and e-mails all the time.

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi 57,


Really appreciate the additional information. I did a bit of reading up and research on PAYG after Bruce indicated it might be something to look at.


While this is probably now diverging away from Rogers specifically, I will let everyone know what I ended up doing. On the recommendation of several co-workers that were more or less in my situation I elected to use


This service allowed me to setup an account (free), port my Rogers number over (1 week - $8USD on time fee), and then set it up with forwarding (text/calls/etc.) to my corporate cellphone ($4USD/month) -- no additional charges. I can also port my number back to Rogers or others down the road. They also have full web consoles, technical support for VOIP equipment and soft phones so I can simply use my personal number for text/calls on my corporate phone.


I do know this ends my loyalty and connection to Rogers that has lasted since they were still Cantel. Unfortunately, loyalty doesn't equate to paying nearly $800 a year for something I don't actually use. I was truly hoping that Rogers would have done something special or offered a cheap way to just keep my line live.


Many thanks to Bruce and the others on this board that have helped me out recently and over the years.

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I've Been Here Awhile
I couldn't agree more @missy_esp. I also missed out on that promotion because I was in BC for Christmas. And a few days after Christmas when I returned, there was no way they could offer it to me. Now it seems like they don't even want to keep me as a customer. I can move to another network and get a "migration plan" which is $55 for unlimited Canda talk and text with 6 GB of data. Rogers will offer me a similar plan but it's $75 , and that's from the 'retention department". The ridiculous thing is that Rogers ALSO has the same 'migration plan' but you have to be a new customer coming from Chatr or Koodo I think. Nonsense if you ask me. I think I will move on and cut my bill in half.

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I've Been Here Awhile

Why fee to go back to original plan?


When i first took out a plan with Rogers wireless, ( my plan is a 2 yr plan ), I choose the plan for $45 a month. I do not have a shared plan. I have a non share because I only have the one phone and I am the only one who has a cell. Last year before going on vacation, I decided to add more data to my plan so I changed my plan to the $85 plan. After a few months ? Approx 7 months after I changed my plan, I decided that I don't need that much data because I very rarely use data at all! My data usage per month is something like 32mb. So I tried to change my plan back to my ORIGINAL PLAN I first had when I got this phone. But Rogers wants me to pay $85 to change back to my ORIGINAL plan! It says because I am going with a lower plan than my original! Which is not true! My original plan was only $45. I changed my original plan to a higher one! So it's not my original plan! I should not have to pay $85 to go back to my ORIGINAL $45 plan! This is a huge rip off. My plan is finished this Aug 1st 2018. And I will be cancelling my wireless with Rogers. I'm paying $98 for 1.5 GB. That I never use. Unlimited talking and early evening. That's very expensive compared to other plans where I can get 2 GB data unlimited talk unlimited text free video and pic sending and early evening for only $50 a month and includes free new top of the line cell phone! I'm paying double price for a older phone with less data and limited talk of 300 mins daytime. In the meantime.. Rogers should allow me to go back to the plan I signed up for without charging me $85! Grrrr

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I'm a Senior Advisor

I agree with you fully on your points, but wonder, did you get a new phone with one of the bigger tabs, like premium.


You can get them on non share plans too.


If you did, the terms are such that you have to pay the penalty as their was a subsidy built into the tab plan.


If you didn't get a phone, I agree, I don't see why you couldn't go back to a smaller non-share plan, at least close to what you had before.  This is why I have never done purchases on premium plans, and if getting a phone it is on smart tab (usually no term on change of plan), just means that I have to pay balance of phone, or I buy outright.


It is in the fine print that they catch us on this stuff.


Since you have already called in, consider community helps here via private message, or just consider escalation process and see where it takes you.  If you plan to go if not satisified, nothing really to lose.


Good luck on whatever you do.



Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I'm a Trusted Contributor

@BS wrote:

Thanks @barndoor  we think alike, and that is why we interact a lot.

 I will rephrase your last comment a bit:

  "Now the service and product  information availability ...that is a whole nother kettle of fish ."


All the best to all in finding services that are affordable and meet your needs.  For those who can afford the higher levels, go for it, I was once that way too, but remember to once and a while think about us that can't and demand that companies provide a basic affordable level for those who need it and can't afford their new bottom tiers.  You may be there someday too, illness, emergencies, loss of jobs, etc can hit at any time.


done preaching.



@BS and @barndoor  I am having difficulty posting alternate "services that are affordable and meet your needs."

Will send a personal message (PM).

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I've Been Around

Plan price gouge   Why is it in manatoba and Saskatchewan...


Why is it in manatoba and Saskatchewan you can still get 10 gig plans for 60 dollers and ontario is charged 115 for the same thing. With more customers in ontario even Quebec is under 100 doller for a 10 gig plan . I have been a loyal customers of rogers for over 14 years an now find out I have been paying now the neighboring provences going to have to start looking into porting my number to manatoba or suitcase carrer like freedom. As I hate over paying. Where is the best plans

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Good morning @Taco123!


Welcome to our Community!


I know the price differences between provinces may be difficult to understand but each province is its own respective market and priced accordingly.


I would not recommend porting your phone number to another provinces plan unless you plan on moving to said province. If your usage is consistently over 50% outside the province the plan is offered in, the account may be flagged and your plan changed to an equivalent in-market plan.


If you'd like for us to look into available plans for you to find you the best plan, please PM us @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with this process, you can find instructions here.




Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

I've Been Around

My 2 yr plan is phone that I got with the plan should be paid question is ...shouldn't my plan drop in price cause I have no co tract and the phone is played for...

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Good evening & welcome to the Community @662,


You should be able to check the subsidy status on MyRogers. As far as the change to a No Tab plan is concerned, we do not make any changes to a user's plan unless it's requested by the Account Holder or an Authorized Contact. If you feel are interested in saving on your monthly plan by switching to a No Tab plan, feel free to reach out to us and we'd be happy to assist you. 


You can contact us via PM to CommunityHelps or contact us via Twitter @RogersHelps or on 

You can find more information on our private message system here






Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Better price for GB I'm currently paying $115 for 1GB. I can switch providers for $65 and get 5GB.

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

The good thing about the price plan of cellphones is that the price you pay does not just count for how much data you get it also may have other things like long distance, airtime, roaming snd other value added services are included in that price. So comparing prices for gigs alone is not always a good thing

Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Hello @Gbarnes711,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post! 👍


As a consumer myself, I definitely understand wanting to get the most bang for your buck!! As mentioned by @Pauly, the value you are getting from your plan and service really depends on your specific needs as a consumer, as we all have different ideas of what we consider important. When switching plans and/or providers I would strongly recommend researching things like the included calling features, available wireless coverage, value-added bonuses, customer service options, and other such variables. 😏


With that being said, we'd certainly hate to lose you as our customer! If you feel your current 1GB plan does not fulfill your needs, we would be more than happy to review your account services to see how we can help! You may send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps to get started. 


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kindest of regards!


Re: Wireless Plans & Pricing

Change in Plans by Rogers, I have to say that i was very disappointed in Rogers once i went to see about upgrading my phone once my Flex Tab was paid off. I was a Premium Tab user for the last i don't know how many years. Suddenly since my lower price plan does not exist anymore, they change my to Legacy. Without even telling me. really not happy with that and in order to upgrade my phone to an S9 it would cost $15 more per month. To me that is a ridiculous way to do business.

Soon it's gonna cost an arm and a leg to have a phone.

The support offer to pay 1/2 of it, but it still costs more. I don't need to pay more.

They keep making it cost more and more , and get rid of the lower tiers.

We cant always afford that and i am very disappointed the way ROGERS have done this.

I get "Special Deals" all the time. The only thing special about them is they cost more per month.


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