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Wireless Internet with External Router & Public IP

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I live in a rural area with not many choices for internet access. I started with a Netcomm wirless router from Rogers but had a lot of disconnects and the "lost DNS" problem many suffered from. I finally bought a W35 (used) and it resolved many of my connection issues. It still went off-line every once and a while so I put it on an AC timer to reset it once a week. I also had a public ip (5$/mo) using the apn so I could access my security cameras remotely and VPN into the lan when I needed to.


Then LTE came along in our area... I purchased a Sierra 330U air card and a ASUS RT-AC66U to see if I could get them to work as my access setup. I have had good luck with the RT-AC66U in other locations with cable or DSL.


To make a long story shorter - they work great together. Stable, 25 Mbps down, 1.5Mbps up. and all of the features of a real router (like VPN from the router). I did run into a few quirks along the way (mostly with the way Rogers network works).


1. The apn does not support LTE

2. The apn for a public IP ($5/mo option) is ltepublicip.apn

3. Stangely the Rogers LTE network does not allow a direct connection from one LTE device to another. In otherwords I was unable to connect to my LTE stick (even though it had a public IP) from my iPhone on Rogers. After 4 days of level 2 support - the only solution we could get to work was to put a public IP on the iPhone as well (for another $5/mo). Even this solution is not perfect as the teathering (personal hotspot) uses a different apn which as far as we can tell is not changeable (locked down by Rogers) hence I cannot get access to my security cameras or VPN using the iPhone as a personal hotspot (though I can directly through the iPhone). I may end up putting my iPhone on Bell to get an IP that is not on the Rogers network to fully resolve the issue.

4. Finally Rogers does not seem to have the same plans for sticks as they do hubs, so I purchased an LTE Hub and gave them the details on it so now I am using a stick on a hub plan 


Not sure why Rogers makes things so difficult, maybe their new CEO who is supposably focussed on Customer Service can change this over time.


Overall it's an 80% solution for me - but better than dropping LTE all together


Hope this may help out others who have struggled with similar issues.





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Re: Wireless Internet with External Router & Public IP

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Great info!


Thanks for the details @gw1 


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