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Wireless Basic Plan Options

I Plan to Stick Around


 I have reservations about posting this because this is a Rogers site and I am happy with the service they provide. So I post this to help people who just want a minimum featured cellphone service for emergencies and occasional calling and/or texting. It may be of interest to people such as I who are retired.


For such requirements, take a look at 7-11 Speakout. The prepaid plan is $25 for 100 minutes which expire after 1 year (rather than most providers' 30 days). Calls are .25/minute, texts are .15 and incoming texts are free. However, there is a $1.25 monthly charge for 911 service so that is equivalent to using 5 minutes per month. The service is on the old Rogers GSM (2G) network so coverage is good but not expanding. A limited data service (236kbps max) is available but perhaps useless considering today's website requirements. Another caveat is that Rogers is not adding to the GSM network and plans to discontinue it by 2018 as shown in this link:


My wife and I each have 7-11 Speakout phones and they work fine for our normal areas of travel in the BC Okanagan, Vancouver, and the Coquihalla. 7-11 Speakout's service is through a 3rd party who also offers the PetroCanada plans. I don't know what will happen when the GSM service is decommissioned. Hopefully, they can make a deal to continue on another protocol.


There is a need for this type of service for people who just want a phone for emergencies and occasional phone calls. Many pensioners don't want or need anything else (but may not know it), and there are many others who cannot afford even the cheapest monthly plans. Pay phones used to be an option but they are harder to find now.


There is a place for a very basic, minimum-cost service. Also, I recall a time when the landline phone company used to call after analyzing your long-distance usage and features to suggest a plan that would save you money. That is not the case now. The large providers are happy to make maximum profit from unknowledgeable customers who don't understand they are paying for features they never use. I put it down to management's profit-first mentality and the CRTC's ineptness at looking after the public's good.



I apologize if it is inappropriate to post this on the Rogers Forum, but I think it could help some who otherwise not get a phone.


I am very pleased with my Rogers Flex Hub service.


Re: Wireless Basic Plan Options

I'm a Senior Advisor

I will give the same apology that @kco gave.  I will frame it as described as profit first and customer service needs with careful analysis and building of service bundles second. He is correct, this used to be something we could expect from all service companies whether phone, cable, or a large corner department store - return an item anytime if you are disatisfied. 


And I too am from another generation, that kept life simple and affordable and has become more critical as I have moved to a fixed disability benefit, with two unemployed family members, and little pension or RRSP's to fall back on due to fluxuating job prospects, health and circumstances.


I would add one other thing that I learned while in the United States this week - a major company sells very basic phones (19.99) that does limited data, and full talk and text functionality - great emergency phone and a way to let your children know you have arrived and need final directions to their home. You know the things we used to use a quarter or a dime on a pay phone, or a phone card for - now 50 cents if you can find a pay phone.


Costs for pay as you go plans - 40.00 per month with roll-over with unlimited text, talk, and data first 3 gb at lte 4 and remainder unlimited at slower speeds on the old frequencies, like 7-11 and Petro Canada do.  A 20.00 plan unlimited text and voice, 5.00 for data, or per use charges, and how about this one - 2.00 per day for unlimited phone and text - so certainly covers an emergency at vert low cost - will buy one for rest of vacation - available at the store or major office stores.


There is a large need for basic phone needs for seniors and/or low income families. If the big companies cannot provide these and keep pushing plans that have many "value-added" services that many people never use, we are left moving to alternatives, even though we have supported Rogers for decades happily, but the bottom line, is we have to buy what we can afford and if it isn't offered, we look elsewhere.



Re: Wireless Basic Plan Options

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Bruce , I'm glad to see you  have overcome  the stresses of dealing with and reading about  Rogers  issues  and are back at the keyboard .   Smiley Wink   Smiley LOL


I agree with your post 100% . 


I live on a line where I can sit it in my house and depending which room I'm in  every call may be long distance .... now I have no warning until I get the bill.  Other companies  are offering plans with 50 -100 minutes of Canada wide  and a texting package for twenty dollars a month or less ... if Rogers doesn't match it pretty soon  I'm  leaving ... the unpredictable long distance is killing me . 


Re: Wireless Basic Plan Options

I'm a Senior Advisor

@kco I agree with you that 7-11 Speakout is a cheaper pre-paid option than Rogers PayGo in more ways than one. I've been on Rogars PayGo for years, before GSM, when I received a cellphone as a gift. I now regret not upgrading to Speakout a couple of years ago when I upgraded to a new phone. I'm not one of those people who is on their cellphone practically every waking minute; I only turn it on and take it with me for emergencies when I leave the house. But different people have different needs (or rather, wants) and spend more time on their phones than their computers, watching TV, or reading books. Pre-paid is just a small part of the Rogers business and they don't even try competing with Speakout.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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