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Windows Media Centre

Just wondering if anyone is successful in recording Rogers content above and beyond basic cable via Windows Media Centre?  I would like to explore the whole home PVR route and I have heard very poor reviews of the Rogers Nextbox system.  There are alternatives on the market for hardware that run using WMC.  I used to run WMC years ago via an old PC but you had to connect and IR interface to a cable box.  I would like to get rid of my cable boxes, but I'm not sure if I will continue to get the premium content I pay for.  I'm not looking for free TV, I don't mind paying I just want to be able to watch what I pay for on my own terms.  There is a company called Ceton form the states that supplies hardware, does Rogers support such hardware?





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Re: Windows Media Centre

You cannot get rid of the Rogers box. 


I used WMC years ago, and needed the box and IR blaster.  When Microsoft finally upgraded WMC to allow for HD content, it either had to be over-the-air, or from the cable company using CableCard - as that was the only way content providers could guard against piracy.   Rogers has never offered a CableCard option.


Rogers will not support any hardware they don't sell/rent.


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Re: Windows Media Centre

OK, i can add a little here, as i was looking into this for a XMBC media box a while back (have changed to an alternative) and was looking into the TV aspect for it at the time.

As Lurker said.. the rogers boxes, are the only HD hardware that rogers will allow to decode their signals.  While there are other HD tuners, etc on the market.. unfortunately they will not work.


Now.. you still possibly have some options, though may take a bit of work.


What you would have to do, is set up the WMC or similar, to record of an INPUT device which will allow recording in HD.  There are 1-3 devices which will allow it (1 internal, 2 external USB), which will take component video and allow you to record in 1080i. (you can not record via HDMI due to the HDCP).

It would have to be set up, for an IR blaster part of it, to change the rogers box channel to the right channel you want to record, then record on that 'input'.

From there, your media center can share the files, etc.

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Re: Windows Media Centre

Unfortunately Rogers doesn't care about what you as a customer want and would rather sell you antiquated equipment - even back in 2010 - to stroke their margins.  It's the same nonsense that's been plaguing this country forever: lack of competition.


So you're stuck with the same overpriced, horrible equipment that can't hold a candle to a home setup with WMC.  Sorry.