Windows 8 Virus Protection

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Windows 8 Virus Protection

Just wondering if anyone knows how to make Rogers protection compatible with Win 8. Or if there is word of Rogers updating the protection to cover PC's with Win 8.



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Re: Windows 8 Virus Protection

The rogers software has always taken quite a while to be updated to work with the new OS's.

Truthfuly?  if you ask the opinion of just about everyone on this board?  Dont use it anyways.   It it no where near as comprehensive as many of the other packages, and actualy some of the BEST packages (catch the most, slow the PC down the least), are FREE ones.


There are many choices.. AVG, etc which are all windows 8 compatable.. Mine as well as many others prefered one lately has actualy been the Microsoft Security Essentials.. its actualy a really decent AV program.  AND, its windows 8 compatable 🙂

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Re: Windows 8 Virus Protection

Windows 8 has virus protection built in.. Pretty sure it's Microsoft Security Essentials. Which works pretty wonderfully.

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Re: Windows 8 Virus Protection

I thought i had heard that as well Mbazdell..

But when doing a brief search before my last post.. found a part of the win8 site, which was for downloading MSE.. so i wasnt sure.
I havent taken the step to win8 yet 😛

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Re: Windows 8 Virus Protection

I've been using Windows 8 PRO-64 for close to 6 months now and it works quite well for me.   It does include built-in basic malware protection.  It's under the Windows Defender name now which is an updated version of Microsoft Security Essentials which was downloadable for Windows 7 and prior versions.


Windows Defender runs automatically in the background and doesn't announce itself or have any desktop visible items for it.     It can be found thru the search feature though.


If you want free, I've also had great success with AVAST free edition which is slighly better than the built-in and one of the best of the free products but if you want the strongest protection you have to go with the market paid products such as Norton, Kaperski, etc.   I've never used the Rogers provided version which for the longest time didn't even run on 64-bit platforms, etc.   For now I'm staying with the built-in on Windows 8.


If you do install a 3rd party product Defender will automatically be shut down in the process so it's not a concern about uninstalling it, etc.



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