Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

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Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

I got a new computer with the Windows & Premium OS by Microsoft pre-installed.  I was synching my iPhone 3G to iTunes and I noticed it was slow.  Like really slow. I went to Apple's boards and low and behold, this is a BIG ISSUE.  I only have 8 GB on my phone  (it is in need of replacement but that is a whole other story). It took 2.5 hours to synch 3oo or so songs (and they were all that long).  To top it off, iTunes left 2.5 gb of blank space on my phone's storage.


According to the Apple site, Apple doesn't appear to care about this problem. And Miscrosoft, well they don't appear to care either.  I am thinking a plot by Microsoft to make Zune and their yet to be released Windows phone more popular.


Why hear? I am waiting for an iPhone 4 - 32gb to come avaialble.  If my 8gb takes 2.5 hours to synch, how long is the 32 gb phone ging to take?  Are we all suckers for a war between Apple & Microsoft, with Roger's Customer servie being icing on the cake.


I fixed my iPhone calling problem with a Koodo plain jane phone.  I hav an iPhone which is basically a mini iPad with no phone service. Rogers hardware protection program is not really worth the beels and whistles they brag about.


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Re: Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

I have Windows 7 running on both my pc's and iTunes works just fine.  Maybe an uninstall/reinstall of itunes will help?  I've had Win7 since it launched and have not once encountered the issues.  In terms of your iPhone losing capacity, i DID have this issue once, and it was a sync error.  I fixed it by wiping the phone back to factory settings, and then resyncing (but not restoring from backup).  I lost my call log, sms's etc.. but it fixed the issue.  good luck.

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Re: Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

Thanks dnavia,


edmontongreg, please keep me updated.

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Re: Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

Agreed, it shouldn't take housr to sync. Out of curiousity, did you upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS 4? I've heard a lot of users are having problems with iOS4 slowing down phone and in some cases, breaking entirely.

Syncing my iPhone 3G with about 200 songs took me less than 10 minutes. Make sure your iTunes is on the newest version. if so, I suggest following dnavia's advice and doing a uninstall/reinstall of iTunes.
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Re: Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

I can't comment on Windows 7 with iPhone but have had a similar problem with Vista and iPad. I also searched message boards for a 12+ hr backup/synch problem with iTunes. Tried: deleting the in-progress backup portion of the synch process, changing synch cable and usb port connections, deleting suspected high resource and buggy apps and finally deleting previous backups and then restoring.  Finally Apple released a software upgrade and then coincidence or not the problem was resolved. During this fact finding process one of the problems identified was regarding low power provided by the USB. A suggestion was made to connect via the USB on the back of the pc where a (better) motherboard usb connection should be available? Another comment was that while the backup/synch process is executing click on the "X" in iTunes and the lengthy backup portion will terminate and the faster synch process will begin. Lastly, a software program for USB drivers from Asus, called A1 Charger:



A Warning that this software works for some but seems to have system problems with others.  As a precaution I'd do a desktop system backup before using.

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Re: Windows 7 vs Apple (iPhone, iPod, iTouch)

Your first mistake is using a **** poor windows platform to with you Iphone. Go Mac my friend I've had my computer for four years and literally have not had one problem with it and I not running any anti virus. Mac is the way to go sure their a bit on the expensive side but I wont need to buy a new one every 2-3 years.