Will the iPhone 4S support WiFi Calling?

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Will the iPhone 4S support WiFi Calling?

So i get almost no service where in the building i live in, a friend just told me about wifi calling and i am trying to figure out if it will work with the iPhone 4S. Can anyone clairfy this?


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Re: Will the iPhone 4S support WiFi Calling?

No it will not. Apple has not added the feature or any support for this in the phone. They need to add af ew things into the phone in order for Wifi calling to work.

Blame Apple on this. Not Rogers. Rogers has nothing to do with it seeing as Apple never really added any support for it. Hopefully the next iPhone Apple adds this.



*** UPDATE ***


Hello Everyone,


For future references, Rogers does offer a service called Rogers One Number. All you have to do register with your Wireless Number by visiting. www.rogersonenumber.ca and clicking on Register Now.


WIth this service you will be able to use your Rogers wireless number over WiFi via the App for smartphones, iPhone, laptop, Tablets, and desktops.


I hope that helps.




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Re: Will the iPhone 4S support WiFi Calling?

To be honest there are very few devices that support the Wifi-Calling features. Mostly Blackberry (Usually after the first update) and some Classic flip-style Nokia. But as Meow said its manufacturer decision.