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Will Rogers Pick up the Samsung S4 Active?

I'm Here A Lot

Has anyone heard if Rogers (or any other carrier) will be picking up the Samsung S4 active?


afte reading the horror storries with the s4 screen cracking from normal and light use in the forums here, I'm a little suspect of the build quality. I can be rough with my phones, errr... well they tend to endure a fair bit of abuse, and the s4 active looks to be a winner.


I'm not concerned with the lower spec camera or the difference in the screen than the regular s4. its the durability I am looking for.



or would I better off picking it up off contract from at&t and unlocking it for use on rogers (or telus)?




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Re: Will Rogers Pick up the Samsung S4 Active?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello aguynamedvoc

I really doubt any canadian carrier will get the S4 Active. Rogers nor any other Canadian carrier has said anything yet so i really doubt it. Leaked info has it in Europe & states only. Maybe we will get it but i doubt it.
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