Wifi signal strength in condo

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Re: Wifi signal strength in condo

Rogers said that I was on an old plan and had a couple of options. First, is to upgrade the modem - the current products have the router included so that may help my situation. They offered a new plan - at a higher price of course -- that will give me more allowance to account for the extra usage from streaming. 


As I said in a previous post, instead of technical support making me jump through hoops for an hour regarding my internet, giving me the option of changing my plan would have been more helpful. 

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Re: Wifi signal strength in condo

unfortunately, the problem is, that the new plans, are not supported on the older modems.


Most of the older modems, (especially if they are only a docsis 2) can suffer from congestion and slow downs when the network is bogged down.

Just switching to a new plan, wont help speeds, etc.. a new modem with newer technology will often help with that.


So to get on these new plans, the new modems are needed.



(though overall.. in a condo scenario.. while signal strength, etc can be an issue many times.. the BIGGER issue uusually is crouded wifi signals.  Too many people all with their own wifi, where the signal overlap and interfear with each other.

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Re: Wifi signal strength in condo

Maybe, but, going thru the hoops and loops should ensure that your modem signal levels are where they

should be, so that you actually get what you're paying for in terms of data rates.  Going to an newer plan will

give you a higher data rate, but if there are any unresolved technical issues lurking about, the higher plan might mask them.  It certainly won't resolve them. 


As for your original complaint regarding wifi performance, I hate to say it but your going to need a better router to solve that issue.  The NetGearN600 will probably give you the same performance as the Rogers Hitron

modems, in terms of wifi performance, which are less than ideal.  A condo can be real challenge from a wifi

perspective, due to its construction and due to the numbers of competing modems and routers, all looking for

clear operating channels.  The end result is poor wifi signal levels and signal to noise ratios which lead to poor

wifi data rates.  There is also the issue of the end device which may have less than ideal wifi performance as well.

Going to a newer internet plan might help to some degree, improving your wifi data rate, but that measure

alone is a stab in the dark, without looking at all of the other issues.  Yes, this can be a pain, but I and others

on the forum can step you thru the details, so that at the end of the day, you will know that you've done all that

you can to get the best performance out of your wifi network, and know what you have to do and possibly how much you might have to spend to see better performance.  At the end of the day, its all about getting what

you're paying for, personal opinion......

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