Wifi Always Goes Down

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Wifi Always Goes Down

I have had Rogers for a few years now and for the past few months I have been experiancing frustrating issues with my Wifi. I have a wireless modem from rogers with one computer hardwired in, everything else runs off Wifi. Everything else would be my playstation 3, xbox 360, gateway laptop and 2 samsung cell phones. The xbox and one cell phone very rarely have any problems. However on the laptop the internet constantly stops working. I have to go in and open my networks, run a diagnostic and then somtimes it works after that. Other times no matter what I do, it will not work. The same goes for my playstation. I can turn off the modem, restart the system and run as many diagnostics as I want but the Wifi will just not work. But the computer hard wired in never has an issue. With my cell phone the problem is a little differant. The Wifi signal will just be very weak even if I am standing right next to the modem. 
I am not a computers person so I really don't know why it keeps doing this. The internet is working fine but the wifi just does not want to work. I have express internet too and in most of the time there is really nothing express about it. 

If anyone has any suggestions? Would getting a router to hook up to the modem help the wifi with being more consistent?

I am just so frustrated at this point. If you need any more information to help with the problem, just let me know.



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Re: Wifi Always Goes Down

Which exact modem do you have?

The wireless on some, is not that great overall, and likely could just be boged down.
Many people end up running their own 3rd party router to provide better wireless range/quality (this is about for any provider who uses an all in one device)

With letting us know which modem we can possibly help troubleshoot any speed/other issues with it.

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Re: Wifi Always Goes Down



"Would getting a router to hook up to the modem help the wifi with being more consistent?"  Yes.  The wifi performance of all the Rogers modems/routers is a constant source of frustration for many people.  Typically the solution is to run the modem/router in bridge mode, turning it into a modem only, and connecting your own third party router to the LAN port of the modem/router.  You then have a choice of buying a router that gives you much better wifi performance and also control over the various features that are locked out of the Rogers products, including network monitoring and usage tracking which seems to be growing in terms of importance.  Only thing I would say is to not go cheap as you possibly can.  As they say, you get what you pay for and if you go cheap, you will probably be no further ahead.


You can also investigate your house wiring to determine if it has structured wiring sitting in the walls but probably not connected.  By using that wiring, you can park the Rogers modem/router in a given location and place another wireless router somewhere else in the house where you might use your wireless devices on a day to day basis.  That will give you much better wireless signal strength on the device for reception and at the router for better reception of the wireless devices.  You might want to crystal ball your future purchases as 5 Ghz capability is probably common now on new devices, so if you plan to buy anything down the road, you might want to ensure that you have a 5 Ghz router already in place to support it.