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Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

I've Been Here Awhile

For a media company that sells internet services, Rogers should be embarrassed that their own website is so slow and buggy in this day and age. Unfortunately this is nothing has been like this for years, and is never fixed. What gives? Will Rogers ever release a website that works like a website in the 21st century should? Please save your response if the reply is similar to "We apologize, our technicians are working on the issue." If that is the case, it seems your technicians have been asleep for the last decade.


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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Resident Expert

While the grass MAY seem greener on the other side, it may be spray painted? 🙂

Some of the navigation stuff on the site is a little funny.. could be cleaned up to just make it EASIER.... like the download PDF of your bill most people think is a download for the terms and condtions they are so close together.


But the only MAJOR trouble i have with the site.. is like you said jbird.. the servers almost seem overloaded at times.. like too many customers at once, etc.

When i check at times early in the morning, etc usualy, its pretty quick... likely as very few on it.

Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

I've Been Around

I would have to agree with you.  Almost 90% of the time I check my bill i am unable to access certain information. Information such as the amount of data i used that month. The page reloads stating,"rogers is unable to access your account at this time". At least i dont have Rogers internet, just think if their service ran as bad as their site.



Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Only time i have ever not been able to access my internet or phone usage, is the day of (or sometimes one before or after) my billing cycle.. or sometimes LATE at night durring maintenance.
Generally, when i access durring the day, everything loads fine (using IE).



Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello MitchSpeech

That we all have to agree on. Like Gdkitty said, that will show the day of the billing cycle or when there is a late night maintenance.

The site is known to have issues tho.

Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

I Plan to Stick Around
Aug 27 2013 and Rogers still doesn't care that the website still freezes ... even when using S4 or any device for that matter. Try for yourself, from the main page click on "wireless" then select "phones". NOW ... try clicking any link below to see a certain device and please document your experience on this thread. Rogers does not seem to care AT ALL!!