Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

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Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

For a media company that sells internet services, Rogers should be embarrassed that their own website is so slow and buggy in this day and age. Unfortunately this is nothing new...it has been like this for years, and is never fixed. What gives? Will Rogers ever release a website that works like a website in the 21st century should? Please save your response if the reply is similar to "We apologize, our technicians are working on the issue." If that is the case, it seems your technicians have been asleep for the last decade.


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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Hello _Cust

Believe me most of us as the same question. The problem is that it seem Rogers is well aware of this but the website developers are not wanting to change it. I would like to see a better looking version of the website without many problems.

For all we know it could be a tech issue but no one knows.
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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

I agree. Rogers should be embarrassed that their Website is as bad as it is. They should also be embarrassed that Nextbox is an unmitigated disaster and they should also be embarrassed that they cannot provide a decent D3 modem. Is there anything that they should not be embarrassed about?

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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Hello IHR

I fully agree with you!. They need to honestly start fixing up their products & the website. The Nextbox is a disaster & needs to be fixed with all the issues it has.

They need to start getting better D3 modems & better products for their customers. The website needs to be redesigned with better viewing & without having any major issues.
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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Yeah, as some of you noted, it's not just their website, but most of their services in general.  Just look at their on demand service and then take a look at Bell's.  The difference is night and day.  The on demand from Bell's Fibe service is fast, simple, clean, well-organized, and easy to use...period.  The same can be said about the website.  Bell's site is so much easier to browse thru and I can't remember the last time it was down...I'm sure it too has it's share of issues, but they're not as frequent as Rogers.

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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Even though it would cut down on customer service, I don't think they want their site to be useful. I honestly think they're hoping their customers will give up and go away.


A few weeks ago I tried to access my account to check my bandwidth and cell usage, something I've do every few months when I'm worried about going over my limit. I logged in successfully and navigated to my account information and was greated with a message that there were no services associated with my account. A few days later I tried again and the problem resolved itself, but in addition to the normal problem of Internet usage not being up-to-date (which is ridiculous) my cell services had conflicting information, showing red overage warnings but nowhere close to being over under the usage details.


There other services are no more reliable.


It seems like every couple of months there will be a period of several days where I get either constant error messages or time outs trying to read my Rogers e-mail online. I'll keep trying until I'm able to read the few genuinely important e-mails then wait for the problem to resolve itself, but one time it was happening when a Rogers manager was training some door-to-door salespeople who knocked on my door to sign me up (apparently they don't cross reference with their customer database). I told him about the problem I was having, he took out his phone and typed something, and instantly my e-mail was working fine again. I asked him what he did and he said he reset my acccount.


A couple of days ago I called (after giving up twice because of "unsually long wait times") about slow downloads and attrocious pings I'd experienced for several days and it turned out that tech support already knew exactly how long I had the problem before I told him and he fixed it by "resetting my account".


It's pretty obvious that their system is capable of idenifying and resolving these problems, so the question is do they choose not to have their system fix these problems automatically or do they cause these problems intentionally?


Whatever the case, customer satisfaction is clearly not a Rogers priority.


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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

Yup. Totally agree. Every time I get a higher than normal bill and try to look at my account via their website, I get a message saying that they are "experiencing difficulty". What a crock. Been with Rogers about 10 years, but often think about switching to Bell.
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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

the network unavailable messages, and the service when you call, ie change your password with email services. really, every time you check emails? really!!! I am hooked up for all services, and seriously considering changing to another provider, even if it will cost me more. $351 a month should catch Rogers attention, but it will be too late my love!! PO
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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?



If you are experienceing lockouts and having to reset your email almost every time...

Are you using a 3rd party email prgram and if so which one?  A couple of them (thunderbird mostly) seems to make TOO many requests, and has a tendancy to lock up the account.

Users using windows mail or outlook dont tend to get the lockout.. or alot rarer.

I use outlook on the PC and also connect to the same account via my iphone, and do not get the password reset lockouts (only time i did, was when someone tried to hack it and locked it out on me).

Only time i get the unavailable message, is sometimes if i try to check on my PHONE and OUTLOOK at the exact same time.


If you are using this on a phone.. and if the phone supports a naitive connection to YAHOO (like the iphone does), give it a try instead of using PoP.. i switched and have not got a single even cant connect to the server since even when checking via multiple locations at once.

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Re: Why does the Rogers website suck so bad?

I use thunderbird and never get timeouts when accessing my emails, but I also don't have the setting to check for new email every minute more like check every 20 or so minutes.

I have to agree that the Rogers site could use tremendous improvements in the access area nothing is more frustrating than trying to access my Home and Away contact list, blocked list and get the message that my action didn't work and to try again later because the servers are busy. They need to ramp up on their servers to accomodate the customers they have. I will not threaten to go to Bell since they are worse, I won't go into detail but will warn those who threaten this to be careful what you wish for because it will come back to bite you where it hurts.