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Why do you hate your ultra-loyal customers?

I Plan to Stick Around

I've been with Rogers for probably 12 years now. Everything in my home is with Rogers. Phone, TV, Cells, etc. I've even converted friends and family from Bell over to Rogers.


Lately I've been wanting to upgrade my Note 2 to the Note 3. I want to keep my grandfathered plan of which I was able to switch from my S2 to the Note 2 last year.


I understand I'll pay off my Flextab balance ($255 at the moment) and am willing to pay the $200 for the Note 3 subsidized and extend my current contract. But no matter who I try (retensions, AML, several mall locations, Future Shop, etc.) nobody will allow me to pay off my Flextab and upgrade and keep my grandfathered plan. One location (AML Rogers) even told me I'd have to pay ABOVE MSL for the phone outright and showed me in the system the price). Absolutely incredible.


Also wanted to note that when I logon to my rogers online account, it gives me the option to upgrade my Note 2 to the Note 3. Then says to call the 1-800 number to purchase. And guess what? It's a big fat no after waiting 10 mins to talk to a human. So what gives? I get it you want more customers. But marketing 101, you'll get more new customers when existing customers are happy. 


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Re: Why do you hate your ultra-loyal customers?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Thai69

Its not only Rogers... All carriers that switched to the 2 year contracts are doing this. You can no longer keep the old plan you had. You need to have a minumum of a $60 plan without taxes in order to upgrade. The reps can NOT do anything as if they do, they can get fired & the system second will NOT let them by pass this.

Try speaking to retentions & see if they can give u a new plan to upgrade but also give u a discount to work with. Those are your only options.

Re: Why do you hate your ultra-loyal customers?

I Plan to Stick Around

So, I just had a chat with a Rogers rep re my bundle (tv, internet and home phone).  I had a pretty good deal which just expired July 2nd (had it for 2 years) total I was paying $220 (taxes included).  I do have the Hi Speed Extreme Plus Unlimited along with the Gateway Rental, so I was offered the Rogers Ignite 100u, my current cable plan (VIP cable and extra $30 for international channels and the digital terminal rental) and home phone for all the total (taxes included) would be $237.83...all I asked was for Rogers to bring this down to the $220 or push it to $200 (had to try)... . no.  I don't understand why Rogers does not want to accomodate long standing customers.  We've been customers for well over 30 years (probably older customers than the average age of their customer reps) and Rogers can't offer anything better?  Are you kidding me?  I hate having to always go through this process of practically begging and pleading for some sort of half decent deal.  Never ceases to amaze me that long standing customers are treated either the same or worse than new customers!! TOTALL DISAPPOINTED.  Of course, now I have to weigh my options, who has time for this!

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